New Novella Collection


book djbnovellas2_500

book djbnovellas2_200This three volume box set with over 92,000 words features the previously published novellas by DJ Black: Tamed by the Cossack; The Sheikh and the Discipline of the Desert; and The Lord and the Librarian is out now.

Please be aware that these stories have been previously published.

TAMED BY THE COSSACK: Princess Sofia is beautiful, tempestuous, and spoiled. As the harsh winter sets in, her father, Prince Molotov, forbids her to leave the castle. She disobeys him, sneaking out with the horse sleigh into the snow-covered forest for one last wilful adventure. It is the woodsman, Ivan Ivanov, who discovers her tracks, and when he comes upon her, finds her stranded after the sleigh has turned over. Ivan is not impressed by her rudeness, and he spanks her until she apologises. Then he turns his attention to the immediate problem, for the weather has turned, and Sofia will not be able to return to Castle Molotov. As the wolves close in and the storm rages, they eventually reach the sanctuary of Ivan’s hut – a simple dwelling, nothing like the grand castle Sofia is accustomed to. Her demands are met with little sympathy, and once again she finds herself spanked, then made to stand in the corner.

And so begins her relationship with this man of lowly rank, for there is to be no return to Castle Molotov until the Spring when the snows begin to thaw. As the days pass, an unspoken love develops between them. In spite of his rough ways, she feels safe and secure with Ivan – even though he always deals with her bad behaviour in the traditional way. When Spring finally arrives, Sofia feels desolate, but how can she tell Ivan she would prefer to remain with him? Resignedly, she is escorted back home, where her father, acutely aware that her reputation has been irreparably damaged, marries her off to the ageing Count Dvorsky. But after the wedding ceremony and before the marriage is consummated, the party is attacked on route to the count’s home. The count is killed, and Sofia is taken captive and thrown into a dungeon.

Prince Molotov and his men, including Ivan, search for the captured princess, but it is Ivan who saves her – for which he is richly rewarded with a title and a beautiful new wife…

THE SHEIKH & THE DISCIPLINE OF THE DESERT: Journalist Megan will go to any lengths for a story, which is how she finds herself driving through blistering heat with the intelligent and handsome Ahmed – who also happens to be Sheikh Ahmed, an Arabian prince. But Megan isn’t only interested in Ahmed’s solar engineering project, she wants to determine what impact it will have on the desert and its people. Keen to see more, she persuades Ahmed to let her take a closer look at the desert – on the back of a camel. Unfortunately, Megan soon messes up, disobeys orders and gets lost. She subsequently finds that Ahmed takes pleasure in dispensing justice by putting her over his knee and spanking her, and also learns that riding on a camel with a freshly spanked bottom is no fun at all.

Later, Ahmed tells Megan she to stay in the hotel until he returns. She ignores his advice and ventures out, hoping to glean some inside knowledge on the women of the East for a Pulitzer-winning story. Unfortunately, she gets into a whole heap of trouble and is arrested. Once again it is Ahmed who rescues her, but his honour demands that he carry out her sentence of corporal punishment to the full. As time passes, the feisty reporter (who manages to get herself into one scrape after another) and the Arabian Prince fall in love. However, their respective cultures are vastly different and there seems to be little chance of a permanent relationship, especially given the disapproval of Ahmed’s grandfather.

But maybe love will find a way…?

THE LORD AND THE LIBRARIAN: Rowan Greenway applies for and is invited to take up a post as Librarian to Lord Merlin Collden at his castle perched on the border between England and Wales. It is a ‘Finding Year’ in Lord Collden’s mysterious domain, and Rowan has found her way to the castle where Lord Collden watches and waits, making allowances for now for her modern attitudes. When Lord Collden reveals an ancient secret, Rowan takes fright and escapes, only to run into new dangers at The Citadel. She is pursued by Lord Collden, who is determined to make her his bride.

This is the first book in The Prophecy Trilogy. It is a tale of romance and self discovery and submission. It is also a tale of eroticism, passion, magic and mystery, interspersed with such activities as spanking and paddling, caning and flogging, strapping and birching, and whippings in the pillory – for this place and all its secrets is caught between different eras and ways of life.

4 Responses to “New Novella Collection”

  1. I have bought these as singles and enjoyed them very much well worth having the trio. I have been searching amazon for the e book of Angela is it available.

    • 2 DJ

      Hi Ruth thank you so much 🙂

      Angela is not yet available – may be one day 😦

  2. 3 lilorphanannie1

    I don’t see a price, or I missed it. How much to buy the set? I read the previews and am definitely interested sed Ted in reading allc3 stories.

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