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I am having a mare with the connectivity. Surfing the web and updating myself on the community is proving to be a waste of the first day I have had off in months. While I am here, thank you for all your best wishes over the holiday and all the emails that have come in […]

The correspondence began here. My dear Amelia, Did you but know it you have taken a very brave step by admitting and embracing your needs. When I next see you we will indeed discuss how a certain young lady might benefit from my guidance and I just know where to begin. On that I will say […]

Vintage Sunday




Amid the usual pictures there are two interesting extras. Firstly Vanilla Spanking has great feature on the spanking of 1920s ballerinas, which ended in a duel and an agreement that the Ballet Master had every right to spank his students. Also Ronniehas a list of new spanking blogs for you to enjoy. The images were […]

The correspondence began here. Dear Amelia, You last letter was an admixture of impertinence and ill-disciplined ramblings. How many times in the past were you told to order your thoughts before committing them to paper? As for the other matter, I know of the wild doings of certain young ladies that you alluded to and have […]

This is just a quick post to say thank you for all your best wishes and emails over the Holiday Season. There was an annoying development in that the CMS system was reprogrammed to stop alerting me to comments pending approval. This at the same time as the email system stopped alerting me too and […]

Vintage Sunday


  The correspondence began here. Dear Amelia, Thank you so much for your letter and for passing on my recent correspondence to the Comptons. I have now heard from Sir John and Lady Eugenia and matters are now in hand. More of which I will write in due course. As to the other matter you raised, […]



Thanks for all the good greetings. Here is a quick glance round at images found on the New Year blog circuit as the world starts its year. These found at Real Spanking, Spanking Blogg, Ronnie, Devlin, Contemporary Spanking, Dallas and the Spanking Blog.

Happy New Year