We have a lot going on and the spanking world is getting busier. A lot of updates this week – too many to review.

The headline has to be the return of Emma Bishop, professional actress and part time spanking model who retired a couple of years back. She has a new site and a blog. Thanks to James Stephenson for the heads up.

Also after a break Dreams of Spanking have a new video featuring Amelia Jane Rutherford as an errant nanny.

Vanilla Spanking have some oldies in an article about the hairbrush from 1860 and its transition from domestic spanking appliance to fetish tool.

Oh and the image I used briefly to illustrate the mentor article was from Shadow Lane. They didn’t ask me to take it down, and have kindly allowed me use some of their images in the past, but to avoid any misunderstanding I have replaced it. You can find the video it was from here.

Most of the images here were taken from other blogs and are duly credited below, but if I have used an image that is yours I will take it down on request or give you a linked credit if that is worth anything to you.

Do check out the professional produces linked below.

Other pictures were found at Dallas, Devlin, AAA, Grumpy Old Fart, Chicago Spanking Review, Contemporary Life, and Ronnie Soul.

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  1. Thanks for the mention, regards, Chris

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