Letters to my Governess



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The correspondence began here.

My Dear Miss Carlisle,

Here is the letter you asked me to write. I have included the 200 lines of penance you ordered following our little chat. I trust they are satisfactory as they took me quite some time to write and I must confess I felt like a school girl again as I committed them to paper. Just thinking of it I can scarcely draw a breath and I am still quite red at both ends.

I wrote both the lines of shame and this letter standing at my desk for I am as of yet quite unable to sit down.

As you most strongly suggested I write to thank you for your guidance and for what you did.

Reading this back I know it is inadequate and you would be quite vexed with me if I left it at that.

During your visit our discussion in the drawing room was like it was before and I was as nervous as a kitten once I deduced that you were serious about taking me in hand again. I wish to thank you for allowing me to send Kathy on an errand to the village and I am well aware that you view the concession of the privacy this afforded a privilege and a favour and not something I can always count on if I should fail to behave.

I also thank you for allowing me to retain my skirts, which you so kindly pinned one by one into the small of my back. Although I must confess that I was mortified when you took possession of my drawers and left me quite exposed below the waist at my hindmost part.

That hairbrush was a beastly thing and gave me no quarter as it was addressed to my naked posterior, how it hurt and my cries must have been heard beyond the house. How many hours did you spank me? It seemed like days at the time and I must apologise for my unseemly pleading but it hurt so and I could not stop crying. How un-English of me.

I know not how long you had me stand in the corner afterwards that too seemed like a veritable age. I was quite afraid that Kathy would return and spy me there. My behind was so red and hot after and the poor girl was quite confused when I sent her for ice and inquired as to whether I had a head ache. If only she knew it was quite to the contrary.

I hope this confessional and description is adequate and as directed I thank you humbly for my correction. I enclose a cheque for your troubles and reluctantly I engage your services forthwith.

Now let me write of happier matters, well speaking for myself anyway.

I felt the meeting with the Comptons was most successful. Ruth Compton was taken quite by surprise by our visit and although Sir John took his leave early in the proceedings, I know that he was most satisfied with your methods. Lady Eugenia certainly was. Although I rather think Ruthie was much less so.

Her indignation when you were introduced as her new governess was a delight. I hope I can be forgiven for such schadenfreude. Her protests and demonstrations were all the more amusing as you demonstrated that she very much was not too old for a good sound spanking.

I have no idea how you managed it, for it seemed to me that you overwhelmed her with scolding words than much force and although I watched most carefully in some delight I could not quite see how you stripped her to her petticoats so quickly.

Her bare bottom was quite fulsome as you upended it over your lap and even her mother stifled a smile as you address her naked behind with the self-same hairbrush that I was later to be so cruelly acquainted with.

The fuss she made exceeded my own, I feel, and by a country mile and it took a goodly while to subdue her to a sobbing puddle as she deserved. By then of course her bottom was such a dark red that it leaned towards plum. Defeated and still exposed she looked quite a sight stood in the corner like a nursery brat. I never enjoyed tea so much.

I was wondering how long she would remain so meek when she herself rebelled. Two spankings in one day, I dare say she will not sit down for a month. Will you really order a nursery rig for her? A childish sailor suit yet? I cannot breathe with the thought of it.

Lady Eugenia asked me to ask you if you would consider a live in position. Will you? I both hope and fear you will say yes as it will put you close at hand.

Yours humbly and in gratitude


To be continued

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