Letters to my Governess


! ! Governess08

The correspondence began here.

My dear Amelia,

Did you but know it you have taken a very brave step by admitting and embracing your needs. When I next see you we will indeed discuss how a certain young lady might benefit from my guidance and I just know where to begin. On that I will say no more.

Now as matters stand I will be with you Friday next, that is assuming your offer of accommodation still stands. As you may know I have an engagement to meet the Comptons and if you are free, perhaps you can join us to effect an introduction.

I hope this letter finds you well and we will have that talk very soon. I must sign off now as duty calls.


Jane Carlisle


Dear Miss Carlisle,

It was with some trepidation that I received your letter and I am quite afraid now that my courage may fail me. In my enthusiasm I wonder if I was not too rash and wonder if perhaps you misunderstood me. No doubt things will become clear when next we meet.

As for your visit, of course you may stay here at Darnley. Further, I would very much be glad to join you for your first visit at the Compton’s.

I do not know what else to write just now, my head is quite spinning.

Your friend,


To be continued

3 Responses to “Letters to my Governess”

  1. Happy New Year 🙂

  2. I am posting an Eilean Beithe inspired story 😉

    • 3 DJ

      Interesting yes – I tried to link to it in Community but my connection was so bad that day… sorry about that but thanks 🙂

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