Letters to my Governess


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The correspondence began here.

Dear Amelia,

You last letter was an admixture of impertinence and ill-disciplined ramblings. How many times in the past were you told to order your thoughts before committing them to paper? As for the other matter, I know of the wild doings of certain young ladies that you alluded to and have many remedies for such. Also I must press you that on no account should you ride a horse astride, the very idea. Perhaps you do indeed need my guidance.

You have many questions and no doubt in due course I will answer them, for now let me guide you in the central thrust of your inquiries.

Firstly you wish to know if a widow such as yourself would benefit from my tutorage? The answer is an emphatic yes.

Secondly you wish to know if a woman above 30 is too old to go across my knee for a good sound bare bottom spanking? The answer is an equally emphatic no.

Thirdly you wish to know if women up to and beyond 30 are often spanked, caned, birched and otherwise severely chastised? Know this, indeed they very much are.

Finally, beyond the details, you wish to know if such arrangements are discreet. This is less easy to answer. For of course in the main they are, but sometimes in some regards these things involve necessary elements of shaming and can vary in the details of their operation.

In one case a woman of my professional acquaintance invited me to tea every second Saturday, this day being her maid’s afternoon off. Over tea and biscuits we would discuss her recent behaviour and general attitude and if found deficient she would have her skirts pinned up and I would take her across my knee for a long sound bare bottom spanking. She would then stand in the corner for the duration of the afternoon or until I felt she was sufficiently repentant.

On occasion I would resort to the cane or birch and make her a very sorry young lady indeed and one unable to sit down for some many days after.

This arrangement worked very well for the both of us until one afternoon the maid returned unaccountably early and entered the drawing room unannounced. The said lady having been recently spanked and at that time facing the corner with her very red rounds so completely exposed was utterly mortified.

The maid, who I suspect had long been acquainted with facts, did not turn a hair and asked if we required more tea.

After that I recruited the maid to aid in shaming the woman. The added benefit of this was that the girl could serve to ease the grazes and abrasions following a heavy session and was on hand to assist in certain other operations.

I hope that goes some way to answer you curiosity.


Jane Carlisle.


My Dear, dear Miss Carlisle,

How I blush to read your last letter and I have read it over and over.

When you next visit perhaps we can discuss how a certain lady close to us both might benefit in future from such guidance.

Yours very truly,


To be continued

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