I haven’t had a lot of time this week (so what else is new?) but I did come across a little anecdote which I am sharing here because of the Guile (mowing lawn) art found on the Spanking Emporium and it is halfway to being an illustration.

The anecdote was found at Quora and concerns some sorority hazing from the 1970s.

“We pledges were supposed to weed the House garden and mow the lawns, but it was hot and we pooled some dough to pay this frat boy to do it. the pledge mistress and whole darn standards committee were so pissed at us (not least for not only talking to a male student, which was verboten,) but for letting a frat boy into sorority territory and skipping out on a task.

We were all lined up, bent over and paddled on the said lawn. Then made to strip down below the waist and paddled again. It wasn’t exactly public, but it was only a step from from the main street so it was not only red bottoms on display, no one spared our blushes. We had to cut the grass still naked from the waist down and there was only one mower. So seven of us had to get down on our hands and knees with scissors.”

Other images found at: Dallas, Contemporary Life, AAA, Real Spankings, Oaks & Pines, Shadow Lane, and Grumpy Old Fart.

2 Responses to “Community”

  1. Why didn’t this happen at my college??

  2. 2 Tony L

    I went to college when streaking got started. All of the sorority pledges were required to streak during hell week, but us frat boys never knew when or where so we usually missed it. I did get to see it a couple of times, and watching those boucing boobs and butts that clearly had been paddled was quite enjoyable.

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