Holodeck Hell


holodeck_200LSF has published Holodeck Hell as an e-publication. Also available from Amazon.

After 18 months on board a star ship, navigation officer Tzara is bored and spends most of her free time in the holodeck, a private virtual reality facility. She has a big advantage over the rest of the crew, thanks to the illegal modification she has purchased which allows her to cheat the holodeck time limits, making two hours last two weeks. When she next accesses the program, she finds herself in a medieval castle setting with a stern but handsome man. He is Lord Galen, and she is his courtesan, bound to serve him for the next 20 years!

Unfortunately for Tzara, the program fails to reset and she is stuck in a world all too real, a world which draws out her darkest fantasies, a world where she can feel the pain of a hard spanking and strapping… for most women are disciplined here as a matter of course, and Lord Galen is very proficient at keeping his newest concubine in check.

Not used to doing as she is told, the feisty, red-haired Tzara finds herself bare bottomed all too often, feeling the pain of hand, strap and paddle, and the promise of further discipline in the future; yet there is pleasure too, from her sensual encounters with her newfound lord and master.

5 Responses to “Holodeck Hell”

  1. 1 bieldsider1

    Shouldn’t that be “now out”? One letter makes a BIG difference!!

  2. The email has ‘it is not out as an ebook’.  Thought I’d let you know.MarybethSent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

  3. Love it!!! ❤

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