Spanking and the Modern Woman


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Sometime ago we featured an article on the mentoring of young women who actively sought out older women to spank them.

Recent magazine articles in the UK have touched on this again, albeit obliquely and with tongues very firmly in their cheek. Although some of the women interviewed, I suspect, had a serious life style choice they wished to explore, I don’t think these magazines really got under the skin of this subject.

The magazines were in a doctor’s surgery (yes two different magazines covering the same theme) and the articles were both a bit fluffy. However, does it point to a trend?

I did a bit of digging and found literally dozens of forum discussions where young women discussed fantasies about spanking in the context of bi-curious to serious motivational ‘therapy.’

It is hard to validate some of the accounts and we may return to this subject after some sorting and editing. Meanwhile here is a taste.

Julie, a 26-year-old legal secretary in Manchester was drinking with some of the girls after work when the subject got around to spanking games and BDSM. It was “all for laughs,” but Julie detected an underlying frisson and found herself unexpectedly intrigued.

When the group thinned out a bit one of the women Julie did not know so well commented that “spanking wasn’t all sex you know.”

Some women, she was told visited women and sometimes men for ‘tough love’ and CP-based counselling. Although no details were forthcoming, Julie could not stop “thinking about it” and eventually went online to find out more.

After contacting a 38-year-old woman in Oldham they started corresponding and eventually they met.

Rachel was a poised no-nonsense property developer who ‘took no prisoners,’ and Julie was caught up in her enthusiasm and despite heavy criticisms of her life style she was drawn to the woman and agreed to meet her again.

This was not a spanking-led relationship, which was why I unpicked it, but after some more traditional life coach guidance Rachel lost patience with Julie not taking her seriously and reminded her of a conversation about spanking that they had had online before they met.

“My mind was racing and the whole thing was so unreal. But I think Rachel could see her threats had struck a chord so I was given an ultimatum to up my game.”

“Two weeks later I was at her house down to my bra, T-shirt and socks looking at a bloody hairbrush on the kitchen table while Rachel told me off. Ten minutes later I got the shock of my life as I was taken across her knee and very, very soundly spanked until I was crying and apologising. It really hurt and left marks that lasted days.”

“However, afterwards I was left feeling ‘clean’ and thoroughly put in my place. I had some sexual thoughts about this, both then and since. But mostly it has been a kind of catharsis, like counselling with teeth.”

“I don’t want to give to many details, but I have been spanked many times since, it is totally crazy but I kind of need it.”

There were other stories like this, some more sexual and therefore suspect, but I will filter through more.


5 Responses to “Spanking and the Modern Woman”

  1. 1 Patrick Ronald Hall

    It’s an interesting topic. Many people assume that spanking is a kink for the minority, but my experience has taught otherwise. I think the majority of vanilla women are up for being spanked in some context or another, even if it’s not their “thing.”

    Taking that into context, it catches my notice how women drop certain spanking friendly ideas under the guise of a joke. The more tame ones are “she kicked my ass today” in reference to a trainer or something. Most would disregard this, but I think they’re missing the clue. For some women, this is just a euphemism, but in my experience, women who say things like this can be easily convinced to take a spanking.

    Here’s a mostly vanilla example: Sage Steele, an ESPN reporter, posed in the corner with shoes with red bottoms in one of her Instagram stories. Her comment was that her makeup artist was punishing her for her behavior. There were too many hints at one time, so I did some digging. Lo and behold, not only were there other such references in her timeline, but there’s a video on her timeline(still up) of her being spanked by her daughter for doing yoga improperly. This is all in good fun, but the daughter slaps her quite hard four to six times in the video, and Sage offers no protest aside from ineffectively covering one bottom cheek while she’s slapped.

    This is just one example, but I wonder how many women would be spanked by a female mentor if it was socially acceptable. I know from personal experience that it’s not difficult for a man to mentor women and use corporal punishment in that relationship, but the taboo on M/F spanking in that context is flimsy to the point of dishonesty. People clutch their pearls if someone is honest about that relationship, but cheer it on if it’s classified as a kink. I think an admission of F/F discipline is more strange for people to accept, because it’s rooted in a different tradition than the masculine/feminine dynamic and confesses a need for maternal or sisterly discipline that people are uncomfortable with.

  2. 2 Denise

    Nothing wrong with an adult woman needing her bottom blistered from an older woman.


  3. 4 Slav

    Can you please post the video of the first photo, where the cute girl is being spanking a by lady in white shirt. Thank you

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