Followers and figuring things out



Hi all. I was just working through various PC issues and realised that I have followers and likes. I knew that of course, but never really thought about what it meant.

Followers and Likes are apparently very important to a blog’s standing and I probably should follow the links back and like and follow in return? Thank you to everyone who likes and follows, if I have been ignoring all the liking and following protocols is because it has never been part of my world and I don’t live it permanently plugged into the web.

The wife thinks I am a dinosaur, but I have you know (and her) that I was building websites for phones way back in 1995 and have been on email since 1987. Okay, yeah, I am a dinosaur.

There will be stories soon.

13 Responses to “Followers and figuring things out”

  1. 1 lia

    G`day dinosaur,, Just take your time, and produce material to your usual standard, and we will all be happy. take care. Lia

  2. 3 Susannah

    Dear DJ, please can you explain what exactly are Followers and Likes, I certainly follow your blog every day and mostly like what you offer your readers. Does that make me a Follower and/or a Liker? PS I am certainly a dinosaur

    • 4 DJ

      Followers are people who want to be updated when I make a change – but there is a certain status for some people about how many followers they have. Likes – well some tags it when they like a post – I don’t know how do that here… hang on… I just tried liking your comment. 🙂

      • Don’t forget that on the stats the number of hits is recorded which tends to outweigh the number of comments and likes. Although comments and likes are appreciated especially as it shows that viewers like or even dislike the various posts the hits and where they originate from can be more interesting

  3. LOL…this gave me a chuckle! 🙂

  4. 9 Subone

    Very excited about the upcoming stories.😀

  5. 11 scunge

    My husband attended the University of Michigan way back when they were developing the very first emails and internet so he is even more of a dinosaur then you kind sir. He also was one of the first IBM salesmen, he is 13 years older than I am. 🙂

  6. 13 william allman

    I really like that picture

    nice red spanked bum


    e mail ;

    please write when you can



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