A New Season of the Pledge


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A new crop of sorority sisters brings a new crop of sorority paddles. The colleges and sororities themselves continue to deny that these paddles ever get used and we be can sure that this is true, for the most part.

Yet every year sorority girls past and present come forward with an alternative version of events.

Not so long ago I had a conversation with some former American frat boys at a soiree in London. They were all in their 20s and recently out of college for internships in the UK. Then some English wag made a joke about paddles. Seeing blank faces he quickly jumped in to say he was joking and he knew that it was all a myth.

Two of the men exchanged uncomfortable but knowing glances and one of them made a non-committal gesture and said hesitantly, “Well…”

Nothing more was said but the inference was clear. It is not entirely a myth. So in this age of equality what goes for the goose…

Here is a case in point. Former sorority girl Jo, contributed two comments here back in July.

I just stumbled across this and thought I would comment.

I am not sure what all the fuss is about with spanking and sororities. It happens and IMHO sometimes it makes your average BDSM club look tame. I mean consent can be borderline. But at the last word it is a girl’s choice.

I joined my sorority back in the noughties and didn’t really know what I was getting into. First pledging out we were rousted into the gym shower block and stripped naked – hosed down cold – and then bent over to be warmed up with paddles. There were a lot of tears and a lot of very red bottoms. Believe me I would not have joined had I known – but I am very glad I did. That is the point – my sisters took me out of my comfort zone and even though I went through the mill it was the first real adventure of my life.

It was sadistic at times (I will admit that as an enthusiastic spanker when my time came) it was sexual (I don’t believe the denials I read about) it was character building and above it was fun (mainly).

We had a lot of pointless rules where it was impossible not to get some pretty heavy hazing – I had a great big sis but she totally took advantage of my attempts to duck out of housekeeping and standards. She paddle my bare butt red raw with bruises and blisters. I begged and cried for real for real – wowie – but I never hated or resented her. It wasn’t all brutal (hardly ever in fact) but the psychological turmoil made me stronger and ultimate more sexually aware. That is not to say that I had some pretty sore bottom at times – I once stood at the back of the lecture hall after a spanking because I could actually sit down.

I could say more – you never feel as close to someone when you are bent over getting your butt beat alongside her; or over the knee of a big or with a little over yours.

I know this sounds kind of contradictory but mostly it was played for laughs with everyone playing their part. Somewhere more into it than others, so my experience might have been harsher than some others, mainly because I could take it and the last word was I wanted it.

I hope I haven’t said anything out of turn.

Jo xx


And in reply to other comments:

I suppose I could say a lot more – even my comment here has reminded me of incidents and things I had almost forgotten.

I once stuffed my laundry into my wardrobe so it looked as if I had cleaned up. My Big had me bare butt and bending over the bed with the door open while she paddled me in front of two other sisters. I had to ask real nice for her close the door and agree that if she did the spanking would begin over.

After that I had to my laundry and hers dressed in just a shirt that barely covered my red butt. Needless to say I waited until midnight before I did the washing.

Another time my big and I called on another big/little to find little over Big’s lap really getting a bare bottom spanking like an errant teen. She really took her time too.

Tony – we had a Hell Week by name – although that turned out to be more tradition than actual. There was a striptease on first Sunday night and then we were ‘judged’ for our figures and marked out of 10. It was humiliating and designed to put us on edge for what turned out to be an otherwise standard week. The real hazing came the following Friday of Hell week (so that was Hell Night, but we didn’t know) lots of paddle, lots of stuff… I guess I shouldn’t go into details. On Saturday we thought we had to do a stage act for the sisters – singing or stand up – but it was just a joke and the whole thing turned into a party. Some paddling over clothes and a line-up of outgoing pledges for one last token hazing – an anti-climax really.

But our sorority paddled and not just pledges – all kinds of stunts wound up with some paddle fun even after pledging. I was spanked twice by my big for goofing off even after being pinned and there was a lot of private stuff, if you know what I mean. I don’t think our sorority was typical – but nor was it unique. The whole thing is just more underground than in the past.

Jo x


No doubt there are others out there with similar stories.

11 Responses to “A New Season of the Pledge”

  1. 1 Patron

    There were documentaries on sororities on YouTube that confirmed the use of the paddle, especially in black sororities. The doc wasn’t about spanking and if you saw it, you could see that the testimonials were authentic. They didn’t use the word spank. They mostly talked around it, and when they did cite the paddle, there was a pride element revolving around “being able to take the wood.”

  2. 3 Tony

    I’m so glad to see my favorite spanking topic coming back I just wish I could give you more feedback but my sources have all graduated college and are married with a child.

  3. The things I missed out on by not pledging, and now with my kids in college I don’t know that I want to know.

  4. 5 Tony

    What you just said got me thinking. Your reading this blog so you are a Spanko. You most likely don’t know if your college age daughter is a Spanko or not. I believe it makes a difference. My friend Courtney is not a Spanko. She loved the sorority life but hated getting paddled. She went very easy on her little sister because she asked her little sister if she had a spanking fetish. The girl said HELL NO so Courtney only paddled her when it was absolutely necessary. Courtney told me that she didn’t enjoy giving a spanking and her little didn’t enjoy getting spanked. She knew there were other girls that seemed to paddle hard because they liked it. There were girls who were trouble makers because they must have wanted to be paddled. If your daughter is a Spanko she may enjoy ALL of the sorority experience. If she isn’t a Spanko she will get a sore butt, so what she will live. Thousands of non Spanko girls get paddled each year.

  5. 7 AnnaJK

    This is quite an eyeopener and helps explain something.

    A few years ago my stepdaughter Kate was in a sorority – something her natural mother was into – not my thing at all.

    After her first semester she brought a friend home from college for a few days, I knew she was in the same sorority and an older girl. I didn’t then know the ins and outs of these things.

    I returned from shopping and heard something from upstairs and realized it was my daughter’s room. Thinking they were out I went in and found Kate bent over with her bare bottom sticking up so that the other girl (I forget her name) could paddle her.

    Kate’s bottom was so red and sore (and her face was too).

    I didn’t know what to say – but the sorority girl was as cool as a cucumber and told me she was just teaching my daughter a lesson. Somewhat bemused and embarrassed I left them too it.

    I later asked Kate if that was a usual thing and after much squirming and evasion I was told it was just a sonority thing and it happened all the time.

    i was fascinated but had my own prurient obsessions around spankings and I had very mixed feelings about it all.

    I wish now I had asked the friend more about this.

    Coincidentally I have a secret spanking fantasies forever but I have no idea if this was sexual and I don’t want to know (but kind of do?!)

  6. 9 william allman

    I would put you over my knee and give you a hard sound spanking


    please write


  7. I know I’m very late on this but I was on vacation.

    This is one the best responses you’ve ever received. Quite hot and very detailed.

    Hopefully our damsel has more episodes to report.

    Thank you all


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