A New Season of the Pledge


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A new crop of sorority sisters brings a new crop of sorority paddles. The colleges and sororities themselves continue to deny that these paddles ever get used and we be can sure that this is true, for the most part.

Yet every year sorority girls past and present come forward with an alternative version of events.

Not so long ago I had a conversation with some former American frat boys at a soiree in London. They were all in their 20s and recently out of college for internships in the UK. Then some English wag made a joke about paddles. Seeing blank faces he quickly jumped in to say he was joking and he knew that it was all a myth.

Two of the men exchanged uncomfortable but knowing glances and one of them made a non-committal gesture and said hesitantly, “Well…”

Nothing more was said but the inference was clear. It is not entirely a myth. So in this age of equality what goes for the goose…

Here is a case in point. Former sorority girl Jo, contributed two comments here back in July.

I just stumbled across this and thought I would comment.

I am not sure what all the fuss is about with spanking and sororities. It happens and IMHO sometimes it makes your average BDSM club look tame. I mean consent can be borderline. But at the last word it is a girl’s choice.

I joined my sorority back in the noughties and didn’t really know what I was getting into. First pledging out we were rousted into the gym shower block and stripped naked – hosed down cold – and then bent over to be warmed up with paddles. There were a lot of tears and a lot of very red bottoms. Believe me I would not have joined had I known – but I am very glad I did. That is the point – my sisters took me out of my comfort zone and even though I went through the mill it was the first real adventure of my life.

It was sadistic at times (I will admit that as an enthusiastic spanker when my time came) it was sexual (I don’t believe the denials I read about) it was character building and above it was fun (mainly).

We had a lot of pointless rules where it was impossible not to get some pretty heavy hazing – I had a great big sis but she totally took advantage of my attempts to duck out of housekeeping and standards. She paddle my bare butt red raw with bruises and blisters. I begged and cried for real for real – wowie – but I never hated or resented her. It wasn’t all brutal (hardly ever in fact) but the psychological turmoil made me stronger and ultimate more sexually aware. That is not to say that I had some pretty sore bottom at times – I once stood at the back of the lecture hall after a spanking because I could actually sit down.

I could say more – you never feel as close to someone when you are bent over getting your butt beat alongside her; or over the knee of a big or with a little over yours.

I know this sounds kind of contradictory but mostly it was played for laughs with everyone playing their part. Somewhere more into it than others, so my experience might have been harsher than some others, mainly because I could take it and the last word was I wanted it.

I hope I haven’t said anything out of turn.

Jo xx


And in reply to other comments:

I suppose I could say a lot more – even my comment here has reminded me of incidents and things I had almost forgotten.

I once stuffed my laundry into my wardrobe so it looked as if I had cleaned up. My Big had me bare butt and bending over the bed with the door open while she paddled me in front of two other sisters. I had to ask real nice for her close the door and agree that if she did the spanking would begin over.

After that I had to my laundry and hers dressed in just a shirt that barely covered my red butt. Needless to say I waited until midnight before I did the washing.

Another time my big and I called on another big/little to find little over Big’s lap really getting a bare bottom spanking like an errant teen. She really took her time too.

Tony – we had a Hell Week by name – although that turned out to be more tradition than actual. There was a striptease on first Sunday night and then we were ‘judged’ for our figures and marked out of 10. It was humiliating and designed to put us on edge for what turned out to be an otherwise standard week. The real hazing came the following Friday of Hell week (so that was Hell Night, but we didn’t know) lots of paddle, lots of stuff… I guess I shouldn’t go into details. On Saturday we thought we had to do a stage act for the sisters – singing or stand up – but it was just a joke and the whole thing turned into a party. Some paddling over clothes and a line-up of outgoing pledges for one last token hazing – an anti-climax really.

But our sorority paddled and not just pledges – all kinds of stunts wound up with some paddle fun even after pledging. I was spanked twice by my big for goofing off even after being pinned and there was a lot of private stuff, if you know what I mean. I don’t think our sorority was typical – but nor was it unique. The whole thing is just more underground than in the past.

Jo x


No doubt there are others out there with similar stories.

29 Responses to “A New Season of the Pledge”

  1. 1 Patron

    There were documentaries on sororities on YouTube that confirmed the use of the paddle, especially in black sororities. The doc wasn’t about spanking and if you saw it, you could see that the testimonials were authentic. They didn’t use the word spank. They mostly talked around it, and when they did cite the paddle, there was a pride element revolving around “being able to take the wood.”

  2. 3 Tony

    I’m so glad to see my favorite spanking topic coming back I just wish I could give you more feedback but my sources have all graduated college and are married with a child.

  3. The things I missed out on by not pledging, and now with my kids in college I don’t know that I want to know.

  4. 5 Tony

    What you just said got me thinking. Your reading this blog so you are a Spanko. You most likely don’t know if your college age daughter is a Spanko or not. I believe it makes a difference. My friend Courtney is not a Spanko. She loved the sorority life but hated getting paddled. She went very easy on her little sister because she asked her little sister if she had a spanking fetish. The girl said HELL NO so Courtney only paddled her when it was absolutely necessary. Courtney told me that she didn’t enjoy giving a spanking and her little didn’t enjoy getting spanked. She knew there were other girls that seemed to paddle hard because they liked it. There were girls who were trouble makers because they must have wanted to be paddled. If your daughter is a Spanko she may enjoy ALL of the sorority experience. If she isn’t a Spanko she will get a sore butt, so what she will live. Thousands of non Spanko girls get paddled each year.

  5. 7 AnnaJK

    This is quite an eyeopener and helps explain something.

    A few years ago my stepdaughter Kate was in a sorority – something her natural mother was into – not my thing at all.

    After her first semester she brought a friend home from college for a few days, I knew she was in the same sorority and an older girl. I didn’t then know the ins and outs of these things.

    I returned from shopping and heard something from upstairs and realized it was my daughter’s room. Thinking they were out I went in and found Kate bent over with her bare bottom sticking up so that the other girl (I forget her name) could paddle her.

    Kate’s bottom was so red and sore (and her face was too).

    I didn’t know what to say – but the sorority girl was as cool as a cucumber and told me she was just teaching my daughter a lesson. Somewhat bemused and embarrassed I left them too it.

    I later asked Kate if that was a usual thing and after much squirming and evasion I was told it was just a sonority thing and it happened all the time.

    i was fascinated but had my own prurient obsessions around spankings and I had very mixed feelings about it all.

    I wish now I had asked the friend more about this.

    Coincidentally I have a secret spanking fantasies forever but I have no idea if this was sexual and I don’t want to know (but kind of do?!)

    • 8 DJ

      Thank you for the story and the insight.

    • 9 Korbet

      I had a similar experience, but from the other side of things.

      My step mom was into sororities and urged me to join. She warned me that some sororities paddled but if I wanted a soft option she was sure that they were available.

      I think she used reverse psych on me coz of course I sought the sisters with the worst rep – they had been warned about hazing and the cops had even got involved a few years back.

      In case you ask – not naming the sorority or college.

      My butt was hazed good – we had a standards committee that believed in lightening raids and contraband (booze and god forbid drugs) were a no-no. I got busted on half a bottle of vodka!

      I got put on probation with three other girls. Probation is bull shit for getting a bare ass paddling until your butt is purple and you show adequate regret through the shedding of copious tears.

      Probation also meant that my big had me over a barrel (or her knee) and the slightest bad word from her got my butt paddled every week while the probation lasted.

      I could tell you stories but sticking to the point Meredith (my step mom) thought it was real funny when I told her and pressed me for all the details. I am sure she is a spanko (but I guess that makes two of us).

      She showed me her sorority paddle and admitted that she had been paddled raw in her time. She was at college in the 1970s and they went hard on her back then.

      • 10 Tony

        How about details on when your probation took place. I know that about 6 years ago my friend Courtney mentioned that in her sorority they had pledges who were put on probation for various rules infractions. She was never on probation but she was still paddled just because she was a pledge. She mentioned once that if a pledge was put on probation her ass stayed sore for a long time. When were you a pledge.

      • 11 DJ

        Thanks so much for the insight and contribution.

        I have not heard so much about probation – did Meredith tell you any stories?

        • 12 Korbet

          I pledged during the 1990s. Your friend has it about right Tony. Every way you look at. I mean on probation you had to report every week and no matter what you did that meant a paddling. I forgot to report once – a very bad idea!
          Also the paddlings themselves were pretty hard core. Added to that my big used to make me squirm with probation hanging over me and spanked me OTK more than once. The vodka incident reflected badly on her but I am pretty sure she got off on it. But then so did I – kind of.

          Meredith told me loads of stories, she even showed me her paddle – a short thick hardwood thing with drilled holes. There was some red stains on it and I asked if it was blood. She laughed and said it was red ink, but that the blisters from the holes did draw a little sometimes. Meaning she said, that sometimes there were a few spots of blood where the edge of the wood caught a previous blister. She told me she had felt that paddle and it was a bitch – but had also used it.

          Her pledge days were all blood, sweat and tears – lots of tears! Her direct quote. Also some of the things they did back in her day we never did, also, although we had it rough I think she had it worse.

        • 13 DJ

          Hi Korbet,

          Thank you for these insights. So many questions. Given how hard you already make it sound I wonder how worse forgetting to report was? And how much worse was it for your step mother I wonder. I mean what did they do that you never would?

          OTK in a sorority – I have heard of this but was this usual?

  6. 14 william allman

    I would put you over my knee and give you a hard sound spanking


    please write


  7. I know I’m very late on this but I was on vacation.

    This is one the best responses you’ve ever received. Quite hot and very detailed.

    Hopefully our damsel has more episodes to report.

    Thank you all


  8. 17 Tony

    Korbet, Thank you for your post. The sorority initiation and discipline scene is my HOT BUTTON. When I met Courtney and heard her stories I was in SpankO heaven. My being honest with her and explaining my SpankO fetish was the best thing I ever did. She was upfront and honest with me about her sorority days. I want to believe that even today in the 2020’s pledges still get paddled. It’s a tradition that goes way back and legal or not I’m pretty sure it’s practiced. Last year I met a lady named Karen who is a SpankO and was a sorority girl in 1972. She told me it was no secret that pledges got the board hard and often. What floored me was that she told me that it was totally expected. When you pledge a sorority you know you’re going to get the paddle Karen told me. “You can’t really be called a sorority sister if you never had your ass set on fire” were her exact words. I would love to hear stories from today’s pledges.

    • 18 DJ

      Did she tell you any details Tony – I have encountered stories before – but some women are still reticent because of the secrecy surrounding this sub-culture. Thanks as ever good you are still around.

      • 19 Tony

        DJ, I tried to get details of her paddlings, trust me I really tried. I didn’t get a story worthy account of her paddlings. She just confirmed that she was paddled almost daily. Her swats could be 3 easy or 12 hard depending what “CRIME” was committed. Actually she said her big was pretty easy on her but her being a born Spanko it may have just felt that way. She said other pledges got it worse than she did. That’s all she would say.

        • 20 DJ

          That is typical of sorority girls – you would think it was the mafia 😉

  9. 21 Korbet

    Tony – I think your GF is from my aunt’s era and the biggest change (I would guess) is that in those days just about all sororities paddled. I think too from what Meredith said – it was much rougher than fraternities because it was perhaps more intimate and less endurance and booze orientated.

    Meredith said that one of the stunts pulled on pledges was to post the Saturday night curfew time on the notice board after 8.30 when most girls had already gone out. Anyone missing (say a 9.30 curfew – it happened apparently) or anyone with alcohol on their breath, or anyone not meeting an arbitrary and sometimes randomly changing dress code – well they were ushered into the meeting room and made to strip down. Meredith said there was a paddle line of usually very bare bottoms where hands were flat to the wall and butts were sticking out. Then the sisters got paddle spanked in sets of three swats until the whole line had been spanked. Then they started over. Meredith said she never figured it until after that they just kept on going until every one was crying – and there were always a few stubborn hold-outs.

    She said blistered bottoms was not just a euphemism (nor was not sitting down for week in some cases). She said she didn’t feel up to much on Sunday’s except laying belly down to do school work.

    Mr DJ – I think it may have been a bit more sexual in her day (I mean I think as women were less innocent maybe they could do more?) I know she got more than one enema and not just during hell week. There was also a set of tasks that were easy or difficult depending on choices made. She told me one of the short cuts was to give senior frat boys head. A choice she never made, but plenty did. You could get treasure hunt items given you.

    This was a big deal as missing items got you swats – not being first got you swats and being last got you very very sorry.

    As for OTK – well it was down to the relationship between big and little. I was spanked across the knee by my big and spanked very hard on the bare bottom. Sometimes I cried and sometimes this was in front of some of the other sorority sisters, but not usually. I know she was into it.

    I spanked my little even more often but helped her evade the dreaded pledge mistress a bit more often than I was helped. In return I got to give my little quite a work-out and even employed regular corner time.

    I hope this is open enough (and that the sisterhood don’t get me Lol)

    • 22 DJ

      Thanks Korbet,

      I am surprised that it was more sexual in her day – but I see what you mean about more innocent – back in 1970 I suppose your average 18 year old would mostly see spanking (paddling) as an extension of home/school punishment rather than a practice with BDSM adjacent connotations.

      To be nosy – can you say more about your relationship with your little and did you prefer the top aspect?

      • 23 Korbet

        Well not exactly innocent in her day… I guess I see what you mean.

        Not sure where I stand on spanking versus being spanked. It has been years and I am still more than a little obsessed to be honest.

        I like it intense (you know full on no backing out) scene play can be a little tame maybe … if the spanking ends in humble tears and then some that is better … I mean I would rather hand that out than get a tame spanking … but if I am honest being totally put in my place is more my thing.

        Back in college I used to spank my little real hard and then make her stand in the corner too – sometimes with teasing like leaving door wide open so that passers by could see (it was an all girl house by the way).

        OTK is quite intimate and I am sure she was into it – sort of… we never discussed it really. I got it hard and I gave it … we didn’t analyse it too much.

        I always wanted to get spanked by Meredith – but although we talked openly about third party spanking and sorority hazing and I dropped hints – it never happened.

        Sorry this a confused answer – you got me thinking.

        • 24 DJ

          Thanks Korbet

          How does sorority life compare to your experience since?

  10. 25 Tony

    Karen did say that pranks such as changing meeting times at the last minute and changing rules and such were just a few things to validate a reason for a “Paddle Parade”. That was when the pledges were required to grin and bare it. They would be picked out and given the command to assume the position. The bigs would take turns setting a pledges ass on fire. Then they would call another pledge and do the same thing until every pledge was begging for mercy. She told me that she was never involved in sex with her big sister or any of the Frat boys.

  11. 26 Tony

    check out this email I received today.

    Hello Tony, my name is Janet, our friend Karen gave me your email address. I have known Karen for about 5 years. She has mentioned you a few times. Like you and Karen I was born a SpankO. Karen told me about your sorority fetish. I was never in a sorority but my cousin was. April is my cousin but she is more like my sister. We are only 7 months apart in age. Her mother and mine are sisters. We grew up together. I remember when April pledged a sorority, it was in 1982. I went to a community college while April went to a university. One weekend I drove out to the university to see April and party. She looked like she had been crying. April told me that she had just gotten a workout. I thought she meant that she went to the gym to workout. That wasn’t what she was talking about. She had been paddled by her big sister about 30 minutes before I got there. My being a SpankO of course I wanted to know what happened. April pulled down her jeans and panties. Her ass was very bright red and she had two small bruises. She spanked you I questioned? She paddled me, not spanked me. Why? I didn’t dump the trash and Friday is trash pickup. She gave it to me good. Do you get paddled a lot I asked? Not a lot, but when I get it she really lets me have it. She gave me twenty swats and they were all real stingers. April told me that she was paddled over her jeans but from the look of her ass she was paddled really hard. April told me it’s all part of being a pledge. Someone is always getting paddled for something she said. I tried to get all the information I could but she was very tight lipped about it. April doesn’t know that I am a SpankO so I couldn’t be too obvious. I told Karen I would like to meet you. The three of us should do lunch sometime.

    Best to you,

    I’m going to see if I can talk Janet into letting me talk to her cousin.

  12. 28 Tony L

    At the college I went to in the 50s and 60s there was much more nudity, including bare paddling, among the sorority sisters than among the fraternity brothers. We never had Big Brothers spanking Little Brothers bare in private. We were much too homophobic for that! Our paddlings were at frat meetings and were given on gym shorts with no underpants below. But the sorority sisters told us about their bare bottom escapades, including in groups and pairs. Back then showing a penis was considered truly shocking, much more than showing a hair-covered vagina, where you really couldn’t see anything. This was before hair removal became so popular.
    Tony L

  13. 29 Tony

    I’m happy to hear that my favorite topic sorority paddling is still alive and well. I don’t have any personal stories to share. I can confirm that pledges getting paddled is a tradition that will live on for eternity.

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