Holodeck Hell (part 19)



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Tzara’s mind was racing, so long as this crazy world had come out of her own head, and she was now seriously beginning to doubt that, it had been bearable. It had even made a kind of sense. Now centre stage its major character’s included old reliable shipmates, officers yet, who were supposed to be conventional and reliable.

She could not get the sight of Ensign Tyler being across Ginette’s knee and spanked like a child. It had been as disturbing as it was erotic and it was this last notion that she could not shake. Did Ginette really think she was going to spend the next million years or more spanking her and the hapless Tyler? What had Tyler even done and what hold did she have over the girl. Tzara had to nip this in the bud and tell Galen to send Lady Dancer, as she styled herself, packing.

Galen was deep in thought as she entered his rooms. Karl had passed her in the passageway and she assumed that he had just had his own meeting with Galen.

“My Lord, you have to do something about…” Tzara had her hackles up and it was in her voice.

Galen held up a hand to silence her before even looking her way. In his hands he held some documents that he quickly reviewed while Tzara danced impatiently from one foot to the other.

“Lady Dancer… she…” Tzara tried again.

“It says here that there are some irregularities with bonded indentures,” he said ignoring her, “They were never filed or registered with either the Guild of Concubines or any authority.”

Tzara almost blurted of course not, none of this was supposed to last, but she held her tongue.

“Lady Dancer has issued me with a waiver, but with conditions,” Galen said. He was angry, she knew him well enough to see that.

“Have you checked her authority?” Tzara asked sourly.

“All in good time, but Karl is convinced,” Galen finally looked at her, “It might be politic to humour her.”

“And what are her conditions?” his concubine said sullenly.

“Lady Dancer has taken quite an interest in you and your curious behaviour. She believes that you would benefit from some schooling at one of the Convent Schools of the Order of the Steel Rose,” Galen told her, but he looked thoughtfully.

“A school, but I am… this is all a trick, she is mad, she…” Tzara fought a rising sense of panic.

“Is she?” Galen sighed. He looked with fresh eyes on his indentured companion. She had been difficult and clearly had had no training, despite what her indentures claimed. There had been the episode with the rock climbing and her general attitude. “I think it might be a good idea.”

“What?” Tzara gasped.

“Lady Dancer suggests a period of induction, perhaps for six months or so. Then you will attend the convent on a three months on, three months off basis until your training is complete,” Galen had clearly made up his mind.

“I won’t do it,” Tzara all but yelled.

Galen, who up until then had been only paying her half attention, cocked his brow and turned to look at her square on. The air hung between them like a dagger.

“Tzara, come here,” Galen said sharply.

Tzara drew her mouth into a line and then made a pout. Averting her gaze she walked forwards, carefully putting one foot in front of the other like a cat until she closed on him.

Galen swept her up and sung her face down across his lap where she dangled undignified and scowled. “Galen no,” she wailed.

Her bottom was bared in a trice and with steady sharp smacks he began spanking her soundly while she kicked her heels and tried to bear the sting in silence.

The spanking burned her for several minutes until she began to first grunt and then wail miserably with a hint of tears. By then her bare bottom was shiny red and goose flesh tight.

“Galen, Galen, my lord,” she boo-hooed with now wet eyes.

“Your defiance is over,” he snarled and found another gear to the spanking.

Tzara responded with bucking and shouting and wonder if the spanking would ever end. “You tame me, only you,” she sobbed.

“I will,” he chuckled.

Finally he stopped and she hugged into him panting hard. “Please, don’t send me away,” she sniffed.

“Shush, I would never do that,” he soothed, “Never, not for ever. But we must all do what we must. Truly I think some time at the convent will do you good.”

“B-but, not with her, please, she hates me,” Tzara sounded like a child.

“I can’t see that she is going to give you her private attention and it won’t be for long. I’ll send Lucinda with you,” he added.

Tzara pulled herself together and wriggled to sitting in his lap. “No, no my lord, I will be fine, you are right.” She did not want to drag Lucinda into her hell. Besides, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad.

“Very well,” Galen smiled. Women, they were so changeable.

“How soon do I go?” Tzara asked, holding him fast.

“Oh, no rush, a week or two yet,” Galen said as he nuzzled her.

Tzara grimaced, it looked like her life was about to change again.

The End (for now)

2 Responses to “Holodeck Hell (part 19)”

  1. 1 rileyco10

    I rarely comment, but WOW. I could not stop reading this story. I don’t know if you would ever consider continuing it, but I would LOVE to see the end of possibly more like it. Thank you for a great story

  2. 2 Lynda

    I really enjoyed this story as well as your other stories. I really wish you had continued your stories on this site. I haven’t found any other site that has stories as good as yours.

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