Having been out I haven’t seen much so here are a few pictures I missed and maybe you did too.

Found: AAA, Spanking Blog, StanDevlin and Dallas.

6 Responses to “Community”

  1. Probably telling my grandmoher how to suck eggs, but have you ever looked at the site old fashioned Some interesting pics and articles there. Thankyou for all the pleasure that you give us. Lia

  2. 3 Connor

    I love that little comic. Do you know who the artist is?

    • 4 DJ

      Yes – I think it is a Russian artist (name ???) will post it here when I remember.

      This version is colourised (his are line drawings)

      • 5 Connor

        Okay cool. I’d love to see more of his stuff but reverse google image search isn’t helping

      • 6 Connor

        To clarify I’m talking about the comic strip, not the first image of the birching.

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