Vintage Sunday


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Apropos nothing, here are two two very different slices of history,

The first four are of Sharon Tate, including two rare nudes and a still featuring David Niven in a very unusual and little known film, a 1966 British horror movie called Eye of the Devil.

As depicted in the still the story includes a scene where Tate is whipped in a church by Niven. I saw this film once about 30 years ago and all remember is that it is very atmospheric, Gothic and strange. Tate plays a mysterious brat with a sinister agenda to an out of depth Niven who plays the new lord of the manor.

The fourth image is of Sharon Tate being spanked by her on screen father Alfie Bass in the Roman Polanski (Tate’s real life husband) comedy horror film, Fearless Vampire Killers.

Just to lighten the mood still further, I have also included two stills from the 1930s of Japanese pearl divers. Not so long after the aforementioned movie came out I was sitting in a school watching a documentary about the pearl divers, nudity and all. We forget that in some ways education used to be more liberal than today.

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