Writers Block


typewriter with nude

I am almost ready with a few projects, yes Holodeck is almost done and Wolf is set to continue. Abraham Heights and a few others. The hold up is not so much writers block, but puppy block. Please bear with us.

4 Responses to “Writers Block”

  1. Good luck! We adopted two puppies (sisters) about a year ago….and all of my projects were on hold for a bit. Looking forward to seeing your new work come out when things settle down for you…. I love your writings!

  2. 2 boy

    Enjoy your puppy.  So full of energy.  I can hardly wait for more Abraham Heights.

  3. 3 Ashley

    Dont forget about ad astra 😉

  4. 4 DJ

    Thanks everyone – Ad Astra is also on the list 🙂

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