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I don’t usually share personal information but we got a puppy. They eat everything including time, hence the absence here.

Devlin, Vanilla, Kia, AAA, a JPC heads up from J, and an old image of mine from Stan, good to see him back.

I have got to go.


7 Responses to “Community”

  1. We have had a rescue dog for about a year now, he’s eight and a Staffie

  2. I truly loved the picture of the naughty young lady over the side of the bath. Very original, and so not “staged” .. More please. I really enjoy your site, and read it every day. THANKYOU !

  3. 6 Sue

    What sort/size of dog? I used to have a Dalmatian, and when we were married we got an English pointer. Since then (many years) we haven’t had one, my husband was so upset when our pointer ad to be put down (she had diabetes and cancer).

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