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I don’t usually share personal information but we got a puppy. They eat everything including time, hence the absence here.

Devlin, Vanilla, Kia, AAA, a JPC heads up from J, and an old image of mine from Stan, good to see him back.

I have got to go.


7 Responses to “Community”

  1. We have had a rescue dog for about a year now, he’s eight and a Staffie

  2. I truly loved the picture of the naughty young lady over the side of the bath. Very original, and so not “staged” .. More please. I really enjoy your site, and read it every day. THANKYOU !

  3. 6 Sue

    What sort/size of dog? I used to have a Dalmatian, and when we were married we got an English pointer. Since then (many years) we havenā€™t had one, my husband was so upset when our pointer ad to be put down (she had diabetes and cancer).

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