Back to the Land


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Sometime ago I posted a snippet about land girls in World War II. These were young women who were either drafted or volunteered to work on British farms from 1938 to 1946 on account of the men leaving for the armed services.

As previously discussed most of these women were professional and conscientious, but I did uncover a CP related anecdote.

Here is another.

Agnes D contributing to Life Forum reported on her Great Aunt  Dagmar’s experience in the land girls.

“Aunt Dagmar said that the war was a liberating experience. At 19 she was away from her parents and earning her own money. After work there were boys and village pub, somewhere she could never have gone at home. Then on Saturday’s she said there was a village dance,”

“What shocked me though was how casually she talked about getting a ‘good hiding’ from the farmer’s wife if she got back late or was seen out kissing the boys. She used to talk about it as if it was one great lark, however this woman used to put her across her knee and bare her bottom for a spanking with bamboo-handled brush. Dagmar told me that she used to get blisters like white worms on her bum and bruises that could last for days.”

“She bore the woman no ill-will and told me it was just how things were and most of the other girls got the same. She told me ‘I usually deserved it.'”

The pictures above are for illustrative purposes only.

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