The Silver Screen


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I just found a few pictures, some of them you will have seen and some you might not have done.

I was prompted to look them up by a comment on a board that suggested that Secretary was the first mainstream movie to feature a bare bottom spanking of any kind.

I hoped to find evidence to the contrary, but only found two for now,  one from an unknown European movie.

Before the Hays code there were a few in the US, but they are hard to find. The difficulty is that movies released in the UK and the rest of Europe often had racier content than the movie release in the States.

Examples of this include: The Roots of Heaven, in which the flash of bare bottom was cut from the US release; the Hunted, which featured a line of women switched on the bare after their village was captured, sadly the YouTube version is edited; Nightmare at Badham County, pictured above, set in a prison in which a woman is strapped on the bare; and Tank, a movie I have never seen but includes James Gardner, a tank and a girl getting a belt spanking, which is seen from her face end of the bed only in the US version (pictured below).

movie tk015_0

2 Responses to “The Silver Screen”

  1. 1 Pecan nutjob

    In “Nightmare at Badham County” a female is strapped on the bare bottom in a women’s farm prison. Was corporal punishment still legal in American prisons post WWII? Including for women?

    • 2 DJ

      I saw the edited version on TV – and caught up the belting scene on YOUTUBE – as I remember it is about a black girl and a white girl arrested on trumped up charges in the deep south and held in a corrupt jail – so legality wasn’t a priority in the story.

      Made and set in the 1970s

      the second picture is a still. 🙂

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