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It is a case of all quiet on the spanking front, although that may be a reflection of how busy I have been.

I have been looking at other people’s spanking fiction and have found a few little gems. LSF have a good stable of writers and the best copy is for sale from them or Amazon (where you can sometimes cadge a freebee). There are also free stories in Library.

Another source of stories is CF Publications. They too sell on Amazon and using the Prime borrow function you can read one free per month.

If you are going to spend money going direct to the publishers rather than buying via Amazon supports them and the writers, as Amazon take 50% of the sales price.

That goes for most spanking-related publications.

Seriously many producers are up against it and if you want to continue to see decent (or indecent content) then consider paying for at least one membership. I know some people are incredibly cautious about sharing personal data, which is by and large customers biggest concern, but the big names have to and do respect the data protection laws in my experience discretion is part of the package.

It is worth me mentioning that I don’t get paid for promoting any of this stuff.

Featured images this week were found at Devlin, Dallas, FHS, AAA, Spanking Blogg and Contemporary Life.

2 Responses to “Community”

  1. 1 naughty lia

    THANKYOU For some lovely photos today. My rear end is about the same shade of pink at the moment,and it is positively glowing. LOVELY ! Lia

    • 2 DJ

      Thank you 🙂

      which one is most like you and who spanked you?

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