Holodeck Hell (part 13)



Part one here

It had been over a week since the episode in the dungeon. Neither woman had sat down since then, but no real harm had come to them. The men in their lives quickly forgave and forgot. Well almost. A fortnight after the extended punishment with Lucinda, Galen sat her down in their chamber and had asked for the truth.

He listened intently as she outlined the strange custom in her village of rock climbing, claiming in an aside that it had originated as a way of egg collecting. This white lie had sold the truth and he had laughed for some time afterwards.

“You will never do it again, is that clear?” he had finally scolded her, “I thank you and Lucinda for allowing the Lord Chamberlain an honourable way out of the corner you had backed us into, but also you will never lie to me again.”

“No My Lord,” Tzara had humbly replied, she felt chastened by the accusation and found herself blushing.

“If I had had you alone to punish you would have not got off so lightly, I assure you of that, I hope you are ashamed that Lucinda suffered worse than you and she had done nothing,” he growled.

Tzara dipped her head. She had already apologised to her friend but no matter how many times she lay awake telling herself none of this was real, she had cringed at having to let Lucinda take the rap for her small rebellion. The blush burned to her ears and she felt tears well up behind her eyes.

“Yes,” she muttered, her throat was too tight to admit a ‘my lord.’

Galen ignored the slip and glowered at her as if driving his words home with his eyes.

“Now we have the small matter of that lie you told,” Galen sighed.

Tzara gaped and finally lifted her eyes to look at him. He didn’t mean to punish her again, surely not?

Galen was already stripping of his long coat and tunic. Then as she had watched he began rolling up the sleeves of his undershirt so that she could see his powerful arms. “I have a mind to send for that paddle again,” he told her, his mouth drawn into a fine resolute line.

A protest sprang to Tzara’s lips but she swallowed it down.

Galen sat on the bed and beckoned her. His hands were open and she quickly scanned for a hairbrush or something like it. Surely a hand-spanking would not be so bad. Then he reached behind him for something and she saw that he hefted a short thick butter pat. Lucinda had spoken of such a thing; the gently serrated edge when used was a bitch.

“Please I…” Tzara worked up some moisture in her suddenly dry mouth.

“Over my knee young lady,” he snapped.

Without thinking the deep space bridge officer took a step forward and moved to step out of her gown. Then with scarcely a pause she tugged on the drawstring of light cotton breeches she wore under them and let them fall to her ankles. “Yes My Lord,” she whispered.

Taking her firmly Galen pulled her across his lap so that her now bare bottom domes up at him to present two neat rounds.

“Tomorrow you will apologise to Lucinda,” Galen told her.

“But I already…” she protested.

“Tomorrow,” he scolded, “And I will tell you what to say.”

Before she could ponder this ominous threat he spanked her once soundly across her bare bottom and she made a bug-eyed gasp.

The tight rectangle of red sang like a thousand needles right across the crowns of her bottom cheeks. Then before she could so much as say ‘ouch,’ Galen spanked her again.

“Such a shame that you only got a white bottom again,” he chuckled, “But I think this colour suits you more,” he said running a thumb across the sore red stain on her behind. “In any case I think we are both going to have to get used to it. Something tells me that this is going to happen a lot.”

Tzara rolled her eyes and was beginning to breathe heavily. Then next spank only added to the misery and the next, before long a steady rhythm of swats stung her bottom and she began to twist and groan through gritted teeth.

“That is how the smooth side feels,” Galen told her, “The Lord Chamberlain is very fond of the ridged side, or so I am told. Can you see any reason you should not suffer as Lucinda suffered?”

Tzara clamped her jaw angrily and then spat a grudging, “No.”

“No ‘my lord,’” Galen said as he spanked her again and again.

“No my lord,” she shrieked and kicked her heels.

“Here I’ll show you,” Galen said and switched spanking surfaces.

“Aiieee,” Tzara screamed and really began to twist.

“Oh I like,” Galen smiled and resumed the spanking serrated side down, not sparing his arm.

“Naaah,” was the most coherent Tzara was to get for the next several minutes. After that she eloquently bawled like a proverbial baby.


The corner held her fast until a good half hour after she finished crying. Then she sniffed, “I am so sorry My Lord.”

“I know you are,” Galen agreed in a gentle voice from his place watching her while sitting on the bed. “I can go now and leave you to go to bed,” he said, “Or you can remain as you are for a while longer while I watch and then I could stay.”

“Please stay,” she said hastily.

He chuckled. “Then I will need something to read.”


Tzara knocked on the door to Lucinda’s chambers. For a long moment there was no reply and she felt relieved. Her bottom felt as if it had been scrubbed with a cactus. Moreover last night’s lovemaking had been vigorous and satisfying, but not before Galen had used her long and hard in the narrower place. The bud between her bottom cheeks was swollen and sore and passage beyond felt like a freight train had passed through laden with chilli peppers. All the same she grinned wistfully.

“Oh come in,” Lucinda yelled.

Damn, Tzara thought but opened the door all the same. Inside Lucinda was with three women while she was being fitted for a new gown.

“You look… bed worn,” Lucinda said in a pitying voce and grimaced.

Tzara took in the three women she didn’t know and inwardly groaned. “I was… I was… well I was spanked,” she said with a hot blush.

One of the women giggled and even Lucinda supressed a smile. “I can see that,” she said.

“I am sorry that I got you into trouble,” Tzara began.

“You apologised already, two or three times, and over a week ago,” Lucinda said, she was now puzzled.

“I have to…” Tzara looked miserable and instead of finishing she glared at the three women strangers and then turned about. Then taking a deep breath she hoisted her skirts up behind her and showed Lucinda her sore bottom. “I had to stand in the corner for an hour and half,” she said irritably. She continued to stand with her bottom displayed.

Lucinda smirked and included her three companions with a conspiratorial gaze. “Are you going to stand like that all day?” she said to Tzara.

“That’s the thing,” Tzara sighed, “That is up to you. I have been sent to stand in the corner here, stand like this I mean, as a punishment. Galen said… Galen said he would give me another spanking if you didn’t keep me here for at least an hour.” Her face glowed hot and she wished Lucinda was alone.

“In that case I suggest you stand… in that corner,” Lucinda giggled. With witnesses there was no way she could let Tzara off and she wasn’t sure she wanted to. “Ladies, this is going to be an amusing afternoon.”

“Afternoon,” Tzara gasped.

“Why not?” Lucinda teased, “It will take me that long for my fitting, especially with such a distraction. I might send for a boy and get some wine.”

“Ooh,” Tzara groaned, but she what could she do?

To be continued



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  1. Well, she does deserve it…

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