Holodeck Hell (part 12)



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Karl ran his eyes over the two proffered bare bottoms and smiled. Both were red and slightly swollen with raised welts forming large ovals on each bottom cheek. If serving wenches had been so soundly spanked he might think they were done.

“You tried to deceive us,” he said.

No we are deceiving you, Tzara thought, but that gave her no satisfaction just then.

“Yes My Lord,” Lucinda managed, her voice was thick and edged in tears. “I am sorry.”

Karl nodded.

“Me too my lord,” Tzara added quickly.

“You are a deceiver too, are you not?” Karl answered.

“Yes lord and I am truly sorry,” Tzara wheedled.

“Good to hear it,” Karl grinned evilly and then he spanked her.

Tzara was still gasping from the impact when he spanked her again and then again.

Lucinda knew how her man could spank and eyed her friend sideways and wondered if she had the same expression on her face when he spanked her. It had been Tzara who had got them into this so she could not help hoping that it hurt.

After six Karl stopped and let Tzara get her breath. Then without warning he switched bottoms and spanked Lucinda. The first impact made her scream and thereafter for five more.

“Sore?” he asked both women now that they were half done.

Both Tzara and Lucinda panted like dogs and throwing dignity to the wind both just cried.

Without waiting for an answer he resumed spanking Tzara and watched her twist and growl under the onslaught.

“This is fun,” Karl said brightly and laid the paddle on Tzara’s bare bottom as hard as he could. “I hope you think so, I doubt the next part will be as jolly for you.”

Tzara remembered that Galen had given him the choice of switch. It was hard not to react to the paddle already and the sharper switch was going to be bad, very bad. It was going to be a long day.

All six swats landed over a minute and each was a tiny parcel of hell. Tzara doubted that she would ever sit down again. It was an unworthy thought but she was so, so glad when Karl began spanking Lucinda again.


Lucinda and Tzara were sobbing hard and their sore bare bottoms glowed like burning coals and felt like it no doubt, Galen thought. Well the spanking was done, he conceded and watched Karl while, with no little relish, the man was inspecting the rail where the various switches hung.

Limiting the last part of the punishment to a switch at least kept the sadism down to a minimum, but that didn’t mean that both women were going to rue this day for a long time to come.

“Do you have a stroke count in mind for the switch my lord?” Karl asked as he made his choice.

Galen had half expected the brute to choose a heavy thick crop from the rail, but instead he had chosen a moderately long thin affair with a light tracer cord dancing at the end. This was going to hurt, he thought, but no real harm would result from this bitter riding switch.

“Let us match the paddle and then see how we go,” Galen shrugged.

“Oh let’s,” Karl agreed.

Tzara and Lucinda were just recovering and still bent over the bench where the men couldn’t see, they exchanged hopeless glances. Lucinda shook her head in dismay as if to say ‘you owe me big time for this.’

Tzara made a wincing face in acknowledgment and mouthed a ‘sorry.’

“Now ladies, are you ready for us to continue?” Karl said as he approached.

“Yes lord,” both girls answered in unison.

“Will you do the honours my lord?” Karl continued and offered Galen the switch.

“No after you,” Lord Galen conceded.

Karl bowed and turned to address the two bare bottoms. “Deserved or undeserved?” he asked.

“Oh deserved my lord, thank you,” Lucinda answered quickly. She was well used to his ways.

“You don’t agree my Lady Tzara?” Karl directed his words at her bare bottom.

Tzara bristled at the ongoing indignity and looked at Lucinda. Lucinda was urging her with her eyes and even looked slightly angry.

Tzara sighed in resignation. “Yes my lord, thoroughly deserved,” she groaned.

“You don’t sound convinced,” Karl said and swiped her bottom once with the switch.

Tzara yelped. “No my lord, I mean yes… I… please, I am sorry. I know I deserve to be punished,” she sounded almost eager now, but her voice had a pleading tone.

“Glad to hear it,” the Lord Chamberlain chuckled, “That one didn’t count by the way,” he added. “This does,” he switched her again.

“Jeeez,” Tzara gasped, this was worse than she thought. The line of pain across her bottom didn’t die quickly and sang on for several long moments.

Meanwhile Karl watched the white line deepen to red and grow to a stand out ridge across Tzara’s already very sore bare bottom.

“Feeling that?” he said.

“Yes lord,” Tzara panted.

“Good,” Karl said and whipped her again.

This time she yelled incoherently and kicked her legs. This stroke was worse, but Karl was in no hurry, he let it burn on her flesh.

“Do you think 12 will be enough?” Karl said to Galen.

The Lord felt his manhood tighten and felt his mercy fade in the face of two punished bottoms. “Perhaps not,” he muttered absently.

Karl landed two in quick succession and watched Tzara growl and twist. Then before she could recover he landed a stroke across Lucinda’s bottom. Now off the leash he intended to keep them both off balance for a dozen or two strokes by switching randomly from bottom to bottom. Not fast mind you, he was going to take his time.

“You think me cruel my lord,” Karl said to Galen, “But I am merely thorough.”

Galen nodded.

“Of course you know damn well that they had no bet or dare in play?” Karl chuckled.

Galen smiled and shrugged. The Lord Chamberlain was no fool after all.

Two quick thwack-swicks and both women yelled; the stripes of fire across both their bottoms was growing nicely now, although there was nothing nice for them.


Tzara’s bottom felt like it had been sandpapered, grilled and then fried. It was hard not to cry, in fact it was impossible and both she and Lucinda sobbed soundly for some minutes. Tzara had never cried so much in her life and strangely it felt cathartic. The next challenge would be sitting down, an activity she did not intend to indulge for many days to come.

“I trust you have learned your lesson?” Galen asked.

“Yes my lord,” Lucinda sniffed.

“Please, yes My Lord,” Tzara added miserably, “I’m sorry.” Strangely she was and for once she blamed herself for not respecting the rules. Then forgetting Galen wasn’t real she wondered for the first time in her life whether it was not satisfying to be held to account by a man.

“I am glad to hear it,” Galen said in a tone of amused indulgence.

Karl coughed. “If I might…” he began.

Galen cocked an eyebrow in surprise and wondered if the man was going to propose more punishment.

“Lucinda and I have some unfinished business,” the Lord Chamberlain continued.

Lucinda gaped in horror, but she was not surprised. The punishment so far had been tame by his standards.

“That is your affair,” Galen shrugged, “Tzara, you may go and stand in the corner until I send for you.”

“My Lord,” Karl bowed until Galen had turned on his heel and left the room.

Tzara looked at her friend and wondered if she should intervene somehow, but Lucinda made an urgent face and shooed her towards the corner. Feeling guilty now, she reluctantly obeyed, but all the same she found herself curious as to what was about to happen.

“Please my lord, I plead mercy,” Lucinda said and knelt at her lord’s feet.

Karl cupped her face and allowed his fingers to trail through her hair. “I know you lied,” he whispered, glancing once at the now submissive Tzara facing the corner of the room. His eyes lingered on her colourful and welt-stained bare bottom. Then again regarding Lucinda at his feet he added, “You are a loyal friend, but still I must punish you.”

“Yes My Lord,” Lucinda said breathlessly, she wished she was not so aroused, or told herself so.

“Perhaps the split rail or the cross,” Karl leered, “So many possibilities,” and his hand lifted her chin to that he could see her eyes. There was fear in them, of course, but only a little. Her main emotion was lust. “Later I will cane you, perhaps after a taste of birch,” he said.

“My Lord,” Lucinda panted.

Tzara felt her own lust and wished she could turn an watch. Perhaps she could steal a peek once the birching began. Would he cane her first or afterwards, she wondered.

“The rail, I think,” Karl grinned and Lucinda gulped visibly.

To be continued



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    I am in awe of your writing. Thank you.

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