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It is turning into a busy month, hence the slow posting. Don’t worry, In the Service of the Wolf will continue to its nearing conclusion and Holodeck Hell should be finished even sooner.

This feature will be permanently moved to Wednesdays and I hope to post at least one story (or story episode) and one article a week in additional to Vintage Sunday and this community page. I think five posts a week is sustainable so long as one or two of them are light and then if I have more time I will put out an extra story.

Due to the shortage of time (and some absences) I also haven’t had time to respond to comments and emails, sorry about that. I am working on that too.

I came across two interesting features this week. The first was on All Things Spanking: a short feature and video on spanking ‘therapy’ published by Buzzfeed. Two women explore the benefits of non-sexual spankings as adults and are spanked for real shortcomings. One of them cries as she is scolded before she is even spanked.

The other was a feature about a vintage kinky bookshop on Little Red School House.

This brought back memories of scouring bookshops in the late 1970s and early 1980s for any spanking erotica. SciFi was a good source until I discovered Blue Moon Books with the Sigma Cycle by Martin Pyx, Will Henry and Richard Manton.

Later still I visited Old Compton Street and found Kane and Janus, but to be honest it is the novellas that stay with me and have inspired me and it was Will Henry’s case studies that I originally tried to emulate when I started this blog some 10 years ago.

Also this week Ronnie has a list more blogs to enjoy, including Reform School, to give an example.

Other contributions are from Devlin, AAA, the Spanking blog, Contemporary Spanking and Richard Windsor with an old cowboy still (see above).


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