Holodeck Hell (part 11)



Part one here

Tzara had been ‘crucified’ facing a large wooden cross. There were no nails, but the triangle of wood that bore most of her weight was getting decidedly uncomfortable. She felt that she was being split long ways and this time she decided that it probably served her right. Talking it over with Lucinda had made her seem how ridiculous the whole situation was how poorly she had been dealing with it.

But the pain was harsh and the blunt wedge between her legs was splitting her bottom cheeks deeply. Much more of this and she would beg for a spanking or the lash. It was distracting.

“Please, I’m sorry,” she cried out in the vain hope someone was listening. Then she gritted her teeth. “I have to focus,” she hissed.

This world was made for her to what, suffer? It was supposed to be fun, so what was she missing. a real challenge with real consequences maybe? She gritted her teeth and thought all the things she would do if she was only allowed to get down from this damn cross.

Ideas and strategies rolled over and over in her mind but everyone ended in an ever sharper pain splitting her where she lived so that she yelled out for forgiveness.

Hours, days, centuries past and finally she started to cry.

“Alright, alright, it is not that bad,” said a weary voice.

Tzara couldn’t turn her head but the voice was familiar.

“Who is that?” she sniffed.

“Tzara it is alright,” Lucinda urged, “It is my Lord Chamberlain.”

“Lucinda told me that you and she had a foolish wager,” Karl spoke in a snarl, “Foolish women.”

“Wager?” Tzara blurted now confused.

“I am sorry I told,” Lucinda said quickly, “But I could not lie to my master.”

“Lie?” Tzara sucked in air. But before she could say more the cross shook and began to both lower and lean forward so that the pressure between her legs was immediately eased. In a moment it was low enough for her to be helped off by Lucinda.

“I am going to teach my Lady Lucinda a lesson that she will never forget,” Karl said gruffly, “But first you must both be punished for a foolish wager and indulging in childish dares. Your games do not permit you to ignore the rules and leave the castle.”

Tzara looked at Lucinda who shrugged and gave her a look.

‘Thank you,’ Tzara mouthed back.

“It was all I could think of,” Lucinda whispered.

“But you…” Tzara hissed.

“Shush, I can handle it,” Lucinda urged.

“Quiet girls,” Karl snapped, “Lucinda I want you naked. Then we will wait for our lord Galen.”


When Galen arrived Tzara and Lucinda had been stood facing the wall for some time. Tzara still ached where she wished she didn’t but at least she was off that cross. She could not believe that Lucinda had thrown herself to the wolves to save her, although the prospect of a punishment at the hands of Karl chewed at her somewhat and she knew it wasn’t over yet.

Finally Galen swept into the room and took charge. “I see you have finally got to the bottom of things,” he said.

“Oh not yet, that is yet to come,” Karl chuckled and gave his lord a wink. “But I did find out what was behind all of this foolishness, these girls had a wager of some kind, if you like a dare. I don’t suppose the details matter,” he added, but he had already forgotten exactly how Lucinda had explained it. Once he had been convinced it was women’s folly he had been satisfied.

Galen narrowed his eyes. He was tempted to ask; after all he was still curious as to why his concubine had been discovered naked in the woods so far from the castle. However, if the Lord Chamberlain was satisfied he would let the matter rest for now.

“Are they both equally to blame?” Galen asked, although he suspected that Lucinda may have been largely innocent.

“I am certain of it,” Karl said sharply.

“Is this true?” Galen snapped and then added, “Turn around.”

Both women turned and hugged their breasts. Neither could meet his eyes.

“Yes my lord,” Lucinda mumbled.

Tzara looked at her and seemed about to protest.

“Very well,” Galen growled before she could speak. “Both of you will place yourselves side-by-side over that bench.”

Karl grinned and nodded with satisfaction. “Will you do the honours my lord?”

“Not entirely, a lesson must be learned,” Galen answered. “I am not sure who the biggest fool here is,” her added, meaning the Lord Chamberlain.

Karl just nodded and smiled, “You are so right my lord.”

Already bottom up and head down over the bench Tzara shot a glance at her friend next to her. Lucinda smirked.

“He knows,” Tzara whispered.

Lucinda smiled enigmatically and gave her friend the smallest of shrugs.

“The paddle and the switch will serve them well,” Galen decided and then he turned to Karl, “Both from both of us.”

Karl arched his brows, while out of sight Lucinda and Tzara gaped and exchanged nervous glances. Neither now smiled.

“Do you agree?” Galen asked the Chamberlain.

“I do my lord,” Karl grinned.

“Paddle first then,” Galen said and strode over to the wall where paddles and whips were hung. Taking a stout paddle about a yard long he hefted it. Then thinking the pole too rigid he took a slightly longer one that was less heavy but more flexible. He nodded. “You may select the riding switch when the time comes,” he told the Lord Chamberlain.

Karl brightened at this, he was not convinced the paddle selected was harsh enough; his choice would soon amend this lapse.

Galen studied the two bare bottoms side-by-side and took up a stance. He heard Lucinda gasp; he guessed she knew what was coming. Typically Tzara seemed more defiant. The set of her bottom suggested as much.

Using the paddle Galen patted both bottoms in turn and felt their firm resistance to the contact. He was pleased when Tzara give a little anticipatory squeak when the paddle touched her. Two dozen each, he decided and lined up on Tzara.

The first swat was sudden.

Tzara’s eyes flew open in shocked surprise at the overwhelming burn across her bottom and she was robbed of breath. She was still processing the pain and hoping to breathe when the second swat landed. “Ahhh-jjhhh,” she groaned and clamped her jaw.

Galen waited for her to catch a breath while he studied the dull pink patch on her bottom growing ever sharper before his eyes. “Do you think it is a good idea to leave the castle without permission?” he asked.

“No my lord,” Tzara managed as she wiggled her bottom.

Galen paddled her again.

This time Tzara yelled and then growled her protests under her breath.

Having struck three times Galen doubled the count and watched her pink bottom deepen to an angry red. She was panting now and walking around to the front he could see was welling up with tears.

“Do you think it was a good idea to cavort naked in the woods?” Galen asked her.

“No my lord,” Tzara whispered.

He struck again, this time with an increased impact so that the thwack echoed around the chamber and his woman reacted with a heartfelt cry. Then after a beat he added another swat.

“Do you think it is wise to defy me?” he asked her.

“No,” she wailed, unable to saying anything more coherent. She was properly crying now.

Over the next minute he paddled her four more times, getting a healthy screech at each swat until Tzara was a bawling mess.

The dozen having been given Galen turned to Lucinda. Her larger fuller bottom was more relaxed and he knew she was more used to this treatment. He also suspected that she was far less deserving. Still he had his part to play and it had been Lucinda who had dealt him this particular hand.

“Lucinda, Lucinda, Lucinda,” he sighed. “I really thought you would know better.”

“Yes my lord,” she replied and licked her lips in nervous anticipation. “I am sorry my lord.” She shot a glance at the tear-filled misery on her friends face without a shred of sympathy.

Galen compared the tight pert red sphere of Tzara’s bare bottom with the full still white one of Lucinda’s.

“Yes my lord,” Galen said and then without warning spanked Lucinda soundly with the paddle.

Lucinda grunted, determined to be brave and knowing it was a futile gesture.

Galen struck again and then thrice more. Then he made a turn of both women bent over the frame to see how they fared.

Tzara did not look up, but Lucinda gave him a mournful glance so that he could see that her eyes were bloodshot and brim-full of tears.

“Good, I see you are learning,” he said.

“Yes my lord,” Lucinda said in a firm voice.

Five more paddle strokes landed, this time Lucinda yelled out, as well she might. Her bottom was bright red and raw; she cried freely now.

“Two more,” Galen said.

Lucinda sucked in air and shook her bottom at him as she braced herself.

Galen landed the last swats with full voice to extract a decent scream from both impacts. “Your turn,” he said to Karl and handed him the paddle.

To be continued


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