Holodeck Hell (part 5)



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The gown chosen for her was of tightly drawn velvet over another corset. As she entered the great hall where the nobility had gathered for breakfast, she noted that most of the women wore headdress and gowns that covered their shoulders. Tzara realised that her naked shoulders and freely hanging hair was a mark of a courtesan and she blushed. All the same, she felt free and at last she could see some of the other characters of this world.

There were three tables set out as a large T-shape. The smallest, forming the cross piece was nearest the fire and had both the most food and the most table decorations. The second table set at right angles to this was almost as well decorated but the occupants sitting there were less finely dressed.

The third was full of young men and soldiers still in chain mail. There were no women at this table and the food was rather more basic.

This left Tzara with a problem. Scanning the empty seats, she had no idea which was hers or what table she should sit at. Galen was sitting in the high seat in the middle of the small table, but he had an elaborately dressed man at his right and well-covered rather demure older woman in a yellow silk gown to his left. Nonetheless, there were one or two obvious courtesans at the table and at least one empty chair.

That presented Tzara with her next problem. Her freshly scrubbed bottom still burned beneath her dress and given that she had had to stand to have her face made-up by Maria, she was pretty sure that she was still unable to sit down at all.

Then Galen spotted her and shot a glance at a vacant space on the bench facing him at his table.

Great, Tzara thought, and steeled herself. Then with careful steps she glided across the floor to the space between a man in a sombre, but nonetheless expensive looking frock coat and a woman with red hair who was obviously another courtesan.

“May I?” she asked as she approached.

The man sneered and continued to chew delicately on a drumstick. However, the woman smiled and silently bid Tzara to sit.

“I don’t suppose there is a cushion?” Tzara said ruefully.

The woman smirked and glanced at the back of Tzara’s gown. “Did someone displease her master?” she chuckled.

Tzara blushed and made a pout.

“It happens to the best of us,” the woman said in a friendly tone and turned and patted Tzara’s arm. Then she turned and signalled a maid. “I am Lucinda,” she told Tzara and motioned that she should stand and wait. Then after to some whispered words to the maid she loudly praised the food and made a recommendation as if that was what they had been talking about.

The cushion arrived discretely and although it did not exactly end the problem, Tzara sat on it with a wince and no small amount of gratitude.

“Who is you master?” Lucinda asked.

Tzara bristled but then remembered the game. “Lord Galen,” she said and glanced over at him.

“Ah,” Lucinda said, “All becomes clear.”

“It does?” Tzara winced again as she tried to settle on the cushion. In the end she had to use one hand to share some of the weight.

“He is a bit uncompromising, but you are in good hands and are now of high status,” Lucinda said reassuringly.

Tzara tried to look grateful but it was the food that concerned her at that moment. Never before had she felt hungry in a program. She wondered if she even needed sustenance, after all her body was in stasis.

“Do you belong to Lord Galen too?” Tzara was amazed at how she could even ask such a thing.

Lucinda laughed demurely has she had been trained. Then she shot a sidewise glance at the man in the sombre dress to Tzara’s left. “I am the noble Karl’s woman,” she said, adding in a whisper, “He is the Lord Chamberlain you know.” She seemed proud of this fact.

“And does he beat you?” Tzara asked in a disgruntled tone.

Lucinda smiled indulgently. “I get a jolly good spanking now and then, sometimes I even deserve them,” she said in a hushed tone. “I wouldn’t expect anything less.” Then she shrugged resignedly.

“And do you get the pleasure of a night in the dungeon too?” Tzara snarled out of the side of her mouth.

Lucinda tut-tutted and smiled wanly. “My, you must have been a naughty girl,” she said, “But since you ask… well not that often, once or twice ever if I am honest.” She sounded almost disappointed. Then she glanced at Tzara’s uncomfortable seating arrangement and rolled her eyes. “Although I have had to stand for breakfast more than once,” she added conspiratorially. “You have no idea how many times I have had to stand in the corner after a spanking,” she said ruefully, “That one during a public meal…” she sighed as she shot a glance at the corner to the right, “…more than once.” She was blushing.

Tzara gaped and her heart raced. She had no doubt that Galen would do the same to her if she continued to be defiant.

For the next few minutes both women were content to eat in silence, especially Tzara who would far rather enjoy the incredible meal that speculate on fresh tortures. Then she asked her new friend. “Do you know what my duties will be?”

Lucinda looked askance and for a second was lost for words.

“I mean…” Tzara was feeling a little foolish.

“You mean apart from sucking his cock?” Lucinda asked hopefully, surely the woman was not that innocent?

“Yes, apart from that,” Tzara said quickly. She had guessed as much, but it was disconcerting to hear it in such vulgar terms.

“I hear he is fond of the narrower road,” Lucinda put in mischievously. “Under your contract there are few limits,” the woman shrugged, “So mayhap most things are in store. But Lord Galen is not particularly partial to… some of the stranger games.” Her last words were said delicately and whispered as she glanced at her master.

Tzara followed her gaze and wondered what perversion Lucinda had suffered. Then turning back she said, “But he will… beat me?”

Lucinda laughed and clapped her hands. “Like all women in this world, not least those of our profession, your bottom will suffer often and at length,” she seemed genuinely amused.

“A dog, a woman and a walnut tree…” the Lord Chamberlain said absently, revealing that he had been listening after all.

“Indeed my lord,” Lucinda agreed ruefully. “Am I to be punished later?” she asked him in a hushed voice.

“Oh my beloved concubine following our little talk after breakfast, you are not going to be able to sit down for a week.” Karl did not even look around as he spoke.

Lucinda made a face and looked at Tzara for a hint of sympathy. Then in pleading tones she said to her master, “Please don’t… I mean… may I not be confined as I was last week?”

The Lord Chamberlain paused in his eating and pondered his response. “I can be… merciful,” he shrugged. “Instead, after your spanking you will stand in the corner of my office with your tail end on show while I work.”

Lucinda blushed. Visitors would come and go all day. But it was better than the alternative. “Thank you my Lord,” she said humbly. Then glancing at Tzara, she shrugged.

Tzara arched her eyebrows and sat speechless. This was a very strange world indeed.


After breakfast Galen, who up until then had largely ignored her, beckoned over that she should follow him out of the hall. Tzara, who had not quite finished her food, bid a reluctant farewell to the chicken on her plate with her eyes and then made to go after him.

She had to all but run to catch up with her new master, who strode the hall floor as if marching to war, barely acknowledging the various bows, courtesies and salutes as he passed. By the time she caught up with him he had gained the door and they were walking on a wide balustrade set halfway up the keep. The view was breath-taking and Tzara stopped dead to take it in.

“I think we got off on the wrong foot,” Galen said as he turned back to stand alongside her.

Tzara looked at him sideways, she hadn’t expected this. First take your opponent to the edge of defeat and then make concessions. This guy should have been a fleet captain, she thought wryly.

“That is one way of putting it,” she mumbled.

“What was that?” he said sharply.

Tzara focused and managed a polite smile. “I think you are right my lord,” she said.

He nodded and smiled back. “You do not find me appealing?” he asked.

Tzara looked him up and down and felt more than a little tightness where it counted. Something had reached deep into her psyche to pull this near perfect man from her wildest dreams. “I have seen much worse my lord,” she said lightly and then frowned. “It is just that I am not used to this life. I am not used to this… land in fact. Where I come from… well things are different.”

“You hoped for a settle life on a farm somewhere, not this adventure,” Galen said kindly and gestured at the view.

Tzara followed his gaze and sighed. “No my lord, I’ll take this any day.” Why had she said that?

“But not the other?” he chuckled.

“You…” she made rueful pout and rubbed her bottom, “It hurt,” she finished. You totally humbled me, she thought, but oddly she had to dig deep to even pretend to resent it.

“I will be obeyed,” he said in that tone.

Tzara bit her tongue and nodded. This is a game and I just need to follow the rules.

“If it is the bedroom that concerns you…?” he changed tack yet again, “I can be patient.”

Tzara drew her mouth into a line and took in a deep breath through her nose. For a moment she didn’t look at him. Surely sex was the best part and this was all part of the game. What had Lucinda said, he could do anything to her but that he wasn’t that perverted… she was almost sorry? This is pretty much just interactive erotica, she told herself, but was unconvinced. It was, however, doubtlessly sex without guilt.

“I am not a virgin,” she answered with a shrug.

Galen regarded her sternly for a moment. “Your father obviously thought you were,” he said, but he couldn’t help the wry smile.

“Does this void my indentures?” Tzara smiled back.

“No, I admire your honesty, but I guess I have to spank you now,” he said casually.

She gaped and snatched at her still sore bottom.

“Those are the rules,” he told her with a shrug, but nothing about his demeanour suggested he was sorry.

“Is it too late to apologise my lord?” Tzara said hastily. She hoped she was being amusing.

Galen gently but firmly took her arm. “It is never too late to apologise,” he grinned, “You will do so at length while we get acquainted.” Then he led her briskly away long the upper walkway to another tower with tottering along beside him struggling to keep up.

To be continued

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    Really enjoying this!… Thanks.

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    A very enjoyable read

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    I have reread this story twice it is very good.

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    Can’t wait for the next instalment!

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