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Some time ago Cherry Red was taken suddenly very ill. I have no idea how Cherry is faring, but I am sad to report that the site has now been taken down. Perhaps the end of an era.

Much new spanking activity has moved to Twitter it seems. As an addition this is welcome and much more about personal interaction. It also affords more action and candid shots. Whilst these can be very revealing. A very intimate spanking of a sorority girl was circulated some months back, or so I was told. It wasn’t up long. No doubt someone sobered up. The retweets and screen captures may surface somewhere, who knows? That is the point, with its soundbite approach it does however limit creativity. You are either there or you aren’t.

A few years ago the BBC approached me (yes that shook me at the time). They were trying to get some inside gen on the spanking scene, but in the age of social media were finding it hard to pin anyone down. Apparently A Voice in the Corner was reasonably highly positioned on Google. I had a nice chat on the phone with a vanilla researcher, who seemed to get it, but I had to point out that I was hardly a spokesman for the scene. But I think then that this was an early indicator of where things might be heading.

They didn’t use me in the end. Much to the researchers disappointment, they ‘went in another direction.’ As I recall they went down the ’50 Shades, dysfunctional weirdo route.’

Anyway, on with this show. Ronnie Soul has a list of new spanking sites.

Also the Spanking Blog has some stills from Starlet. A vanilla move from the early 1970s that sometimes used to surface on late night TV in the UK. It is not a great movie, it is a kind of sexploitation expose of the porn industry (oh the irony). But it has one whipping scene (pictured above) and a better, much more traditional OTK spanking-the-bratty-starlet scene. It has to have been the first bare bottom spanking I had seen in a mainstream movie. It is worth a glance but is no Secretary.

Contemporary Life has several images, I swiped a few above.

Others from BDSMLR, Devlin and Real Spankings.


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