FHS navy girl15264_0083156789ua4bdsmlr-109215-xQffBJWmDDbdsmlr-335474-NNkQOrbOsh-ogbook-shop-cornerCLS-281-003-630x350halfwayhousehoe1thumbnail_IMG_9198vin -bottoms-for-spanking-800whitney_hairbrush_spankingwhitney_vdd_12I have been thinking about revamps and upgrades for A Voice in the Corner. It has been almost 10 years now with the same look. However I do like the clean lines and the design is no longer available so not many people use this template anymore. There is no point in changing for change sake unless I find a better design.

I might change the bookshop picture, see above. I am not sure if I will sell anymore books that way.

On the subject of selling books, I have had a few negative reviews lately and I have been accused of conning people. The reason being given is that because I have given away stories freely here, I should not also be able to sell them to people who want to support this project or who do not like reading spanking blogs. It hardly seems a fair to me. You can still get most of my stories from Amazon for free, if you are a Prime member so it seems like a hollow criticism. There are some stories that either have never been published elsewhere or are no longer available on here for various reasons; these include: The Russell Corner, The Exit Bureau (which have never been available except in book form) and Magic, to name a few just off the top of my head. If you do buy or borrow my books from Amazon, it would help support this blog and my writing to leave four (or perhaps even five) stars.

Also it is worth mentioning that if you are going to buy them, getting them directly from the publisher LSF increases the revenue that they and I receive.

In any case most of my stories, articles will continue to be available here and thank you for reading them and your kind comments. With almost 18 million page views, occasionally I must be doing something right.

Before I move on from discussing this blog, a quick thanks to Pang who busted the comment box with her novella. Seriously thanks, I might post your comment as a Reality Bites sometimes. In summary she said that growing up in Singapore spanking and caning was routine right through high school and college and a girl who broke the rules at home, college or even sometimes at work, was a girl who could expect not to be sitting down for a few days. “Really no fun unless somebody else was getting it.”

She added, “Really difficult to understand why something so horrible is so fascinating. It is only sexy thinking about it a long time afterwards. At the time and before there is just nasty churning in stomach. I really hated it.”

Thank you Pang and sorry the comments facility did not work for you.

I have added a couple of new links, including one to the English Headmaster and Spanking Brats.

Elsewhere I noticed Richard Windsor had an article about Natalie Wood and Hollywood spanking.

Other pictures are from: AAA, Spanking Blog, Spanking Blogg, Dallas, FHS, and Real Spankings.

9 Responses to “Community”

  1. 1 Brian

    Keep up the good work. I enjoy reading your blog and have also enjoyed a number of your books.

  2. I love reading your works!

  3. 5 KF Gauss

    So where can we find Pang’s Novella, that you refer to in this post?

  4. 7 DJ

    Mike and Mr Gauss (good to hear from you again btw)

    Pang didn’t write a novella it was my little joke about her very long comment.

    The comment had issues (maybe because it was so long or maybe because of something to do with random characters generated by her phone) but the comment would not post and I salvaged some of the random content.

    This has happened before.

    As I said in the post – I will try and edit her contribution and publish it at a later date as part of a post in its own right.

    So glad you appreciated her contribution.

  5. This is an interesting subject, one that I have long considered. Roughly 50% of the content on my site I pay for out of pocket through annual subscriptions to online archives. I also pay over a 100 bucks each year for the site itself. In order to ease some of the costs I have often thought about putting my stories into book format, something that I will almost certainly do at some point. The problem is though, I don’t want to deny my readers the chance to read my works for free, so putting the stories into book format would be for one simple reason, and that would be to allow for a small percentage of people who wanted to contribute in some small way in supporting the costs that I incur with running my site and sharing my findings with like minded people. It would be voluntary though, I would still want people to be able to read the material for free without any strings attached.

    In regards to foreign characters, I have experienced that myself, WordPress simply does not support them. What I did to counteract that though was to take a screenshot of the foreign language characters and then post them as a JPeg image, that way people were able to read the contents in an unedited form. Hopefully that helps.

    • 9 DJ

      Hi Richard,

      Thank you – good to hear from you. You understand the problem on both counts.

      I have not stopped anyone reading my stories for free – that does not preclude selling some books – either to fans (if you pardon the expression) who want to support the blog or spanking book readers who prefer ebooks to blogs. So far it has not been a big problem. So you could consider doing the same. 🙂

      Thanks again

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