Disciplined! – Volume 2


disciplined2_200LSF have published an new collection of short stories, Disciplined! Volume Two. With around 75,000 words, this anthology of spanking fiction features the following 23 stories.

They have mostly been published before either on A Voice or the LSF library, some of which can still be found.

Taken in Hand: Following the death of her parents, Deborah goes to live with her friend Cassidy and her father, Tom. She soon realises that nineteen-year-old Cassidy is spanked regularly by Tom, and she decides that if she’s going to be a true part of the family, she needs to be treated the same as Cassidy. So she asks Tom to punish her in the same way as he does his daughter. Tom obliges with slipper, tawse and cane.

Three Sisters: Galen’s three daughters may be grown up but they still cause him strife. He has to cane his youngest daughter for a thoughtless error and then he insists his middle daughter’s suitor prove his suitability by spanking and caning her. Just when he thinks it is all over he catches his eldest daughter sneaking back into the house late at night after meeting a man, and he birches her soundly.

Safe and Sound: Amy has crashed John’s precious car and as a sign of her repentance, waits for him, bare bottomed, in the outhouse. John sets an old chair in the middle of the room and takes her over his knee and gives her a hard spanking with a hairbrush. She is spanked to tears – which is exactly what she needs.

The Transformation of Eloise: Eloise inadvertently witnesses one of the bosses spanking his secretary. She gasps, but continues to peek through the gap in the door. Mr Hadrian knows she is there, and soon it is her turn to go over his knee for a bare bottom spanking. From that point on, the deliciously decadent things she has dreamed about slowly turn to reality as she learns what submission to a masterful man really means.

A Spanking on Main Street: It is wartime, and when Brad says he might join the army, girlfriend Kathy is scornful and rude. When he threatens to spank her, she continues to taunt him until he follows through… with a public, bare-bottom spanking!

Honour Thy Father: Alice Templeton won’t honour a verbal business agreement her late father made with William Sturbridge. He confronts her at her late grandfather’s house, and a taste of her grandfather’s hairbrush and cane reminds her of what she never got from her father, and misses getting from her grandfather.

Schadenfreude: Ashlyn takes great pleasure in setting up other students and getting them punished by the college vice-principal. Her mischief finally backfires, and her many victims – and the sorority standards committee – ensure that lasting justice is done to Ashlyn.

The Devil Made Me Do It: The narrator has a strange and compelling dream in which he finds himself in Purgatory. He joins a very long line of beautiful young women slowly crossing towards heaven, every tenth one being subjected to extreme punishment with paddle, strap or cane. The narrator is invited to punish some himself, with chilling consequences.

The Girl of the House: Phoebe has come to Dangerfield to assist with a decorating project, but time has passed with no progress. Dhenry, the master of the estate, regularly spanks the other two girls who live under his roof. Phoebe thinks it is a very strange arrangement, but then she paints a wall without permission and it is her turn to be on the receiving end.

Venus and Mars: A man and a woman in a long term relationship satisfy their mutual needs. The merits and effects of paddle, cane, strap, hand and more are outlined, along with the lingering after effects.

Punishment: Helen is found guilty in a foreign country and must face a severe flogging as penalty. Rather than decry the sentence as barbaric and create unwanted publicity for herself, she accepts the first round of punishment from her ‘instructor’ Stefan. A spark of chemistry is ignited between the two, as well as a fearsome heat in her bottom.

Dear Mr Brandon: Lady Constance is attracted to her cousin’s tutor. When she learns that her cousin is leaving for boarding school, she comes up with a reason for Mr Brandon to stay. But, is it what she expected?

A New Understanding: The uppity Amy Holman has been hired to handle the more modern clients of a rather old-fashioned law firm. Her boss, John Hartman, does not appreciate her attitude, especially the way she has been rude to some of their best clients. He decides to teach her a lesson by giving her an old-fashioned bare bottomed spanking across his knee.

The Vicar’s Tea Party: Bella, a young widow, is given an over-the-knee lesson in discipline by the hairbrush-wielding vicar, encouraged by Mrs Fortitude who is also a firm believer in bare bottom discipline. Bella decides to heed the lesson and spank her own daughter from now on and Ruth soon gives her reason to do so. Meanwhile Mrs Fortitude has to make amends for overspending and faces her husband’s cane.

Gypsy, Tramps and Thieves: Toni is too old to be lazing around playing games as a beach bum, using her looks to attract the guys. But she isn’t ready to learn this lesson – not until she ‘borrows’ someone else’s boat. The owner quickly reclaims his property, and Toni learns she has to pay the price for her behaviour … on her bottom.

Rayne’s Landing: When she decides to take a job and stay at Rayne’s Landing, Kathy has no idea of what she is getting in to. She soon discovers that Rayne ‘collects’ women and makes them her own, spanking them, having sex with them and even renaming them. She, of course, is not into any of that… or is she? Rayne herself also submits to Mr Manners, who visits regularly to spank her.

That Corner Time and the Summer of 1973: Martin knows that spanking and corner time are the best way to handle his fiery-tempered wife, especially after a mishap with the car. So Harmony finds herself in the corner again, nose to the wall, on a breezy summer day. As she struggles to keep a penny from dropping from the wall, she recalls some embarrassing past spankings. When the neighbours question Martin about the noise they’d heard earlier, they discover the bare-bottomed Harmony on display. Can things get any worse for her?

Witchcraft: Erin casts a spell to summon a man for a job she wants done. But the man who arrives at her door doesn’t want to be there and is even unhappier when he finds that he doesn’t seem to be able to leave. He takes matters into his own hands…

I Dream of Spanking: The fragments of a dream reveal she is trapped but makes a daring escape. She is chased but caught and spanked. She is embarrassed but feels denied. It’s all just a dream though… isn’t it?

Committee of One: Addie agrees to spend the summer in Colorado with her room mate Fran. She looks forward to satisfying her curiosity because Fran lives in a commune, and all who live there are subject to domestic discipline. Although Addie has a general idea of what goes on, she doesn’t think she will be included in any of the punishments. Wrong. Her silly stunt when out riding earns her a hard spanking on her bare bottom, and when she takes pictures of someone’s spanked bottom, she gets a taste of the strap. And yet, over time, she begins to feel like one of the family.

The Sheriff’s Wife & the Material Witness: Sammie’s curiosity about spanking is enhanced during a long-term stay with her cousin Kathy and her husband Dhenry… who is the town Sheriff. Sammie becomes aware that domestic discipline plays a significant role in Dhenry and Kathy’s relationship. Sammie herself lets curiosity go too far, and it isn’t long before she too finds herself on the receiving end of a paddle and switch on her bare bottom.

The Contract: Candice is dismayed to find that a special kind of contract has been ordered for her as punishment for her many misdeeds. She tries to avoid the spanking she is due, but Mr Dade has no problem tracking her down and administering what he does best.

Grounded: As Marnie is doing corner time after her spanking from Steve, the phone rings and the answering machine cuts in telling everyone who calls that Marnie has been a naughty girl and is grounded for a week. But one of the messages gives her every indication that Steve is going to give her another spanking when he finds out what she’s done…

You can get it here.

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