Curing the Cowgirl Blues


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Some years ago another blog ran a feature on a strange and rare 1941 mainstream Gene Autre western called the Singing Hill. The movie in question was a cheesy musical of no particular note but at its denouement it features a spanking scene.

cowboys03The unusual thing was that the heroine was not only the boss but is she who requests the spanking claiming that it was ranch tradition. Her friend and female employee supports this and admits that although she hasn’t had a spanking for a while her last spanking had been ‘doosey,’

In the end the spanking is off camera although we do see the heroine sitting on an overlarge cushion on her saddle and wincing as they cowboys sing the closing number. (pictured left)

I did a follow up feature that expanded on this tradition slightly with pictures from a 1960s rodeo where random girls are spanked by cowboys. This does seem to be a thing.

While we were away I dug up this anecdote.

Shelley wrote on Life Forum.

“Back in the 80s during my summer vacation from college I took a job on a dude ranch. I like horses and a big part of the job was riding the spare horses when there were not enough guests to take them out.

There were all kinds of odd traditions and hazing with the job, mostly eating hot peppers or getting thrown in the creek, riding horses backwards with a dumb hat on and other stuff. Because we had to get up real early there were forfeits for the last two girls out of bed. We had to get up by 5.30 but I didn’t know that this was the latest you could get up so my first week I was roused to find that everyone else but one other girl had been up over an hour.

We were given a choice of a spanking or cleaning the stables out naked. We both chose the spanking thinking it was just a little hazing thing like had already happened. Man were we wrong. We both had to take our strides and panties down and go over senior hands (a woman) knee for a good solid sound spanking on the bare while everyone laughed. This was just other girls, not guests or male staff, but it was tear-making and so embarrassing. My butt was as red as a fire truck after.

I was only up late a couple of more times after that, both times I stripped naked to shovel out the stalls.

Spanking came up a few times. All us newbies got a spanking on the seat of our pants and a couple of girls got spanked for real punishment stuff. But there was a bet once between two senior girls. I don’t remember the bet, but the winner got to spank the loser like a newbie only she had her ass bared.”

If I can find that movie I will repost the link.

6 Responses to “Curing the Cowgirl Blues”

  1. 1 Tony

    I bet I have watched McClintock 20 times.

    • 2 DJ

      I have seen a few times my self – but it was banned on UK TV in the 1980s until C4 bought it and showed it as post modern irony. 🙂

  2. I remember Chross had it on his Blog once. I wondered why she got spanked and asked for it. Tradition , I guess is the answer. I remember that her Butler was the only one to volunteer as no one wanted to have hard feelings from spanking the Boss.

    • 4 DJ

      You are right – yes – but the file is gone I think. I wanted to link to it.

      • It’s there search under the movie listing. I found it


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        • 6 DJ

          Thanks Gent – you can put a link in the comment box if you like. 🙂

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