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I was going to write a very different article about spanking in marriage. For one thing I was going to explore my unease about some Christians using their religion to justify wife spanking. Obviously it is alright to spank your wife, so long as you are not doing it for Jesus. Yeah that is where […]

Part I here Alice was feeling sorry for herself but at least she had stopped crying. She lay face down and dejected on her bed tracing the pattern of the bed pane with an idle finger. She should be bored, she should have been mad; she sighed and rolled over onto her back. Her thoughts strayed […]



This has a bit of a focus on the professional sites out there. There are quite a few offerings if you want to pay. Remember I write new stuff but if you want new pictures and movies then these are the people to support. See list of professionals on the right. In that vein I […]

Vintage Sunday


Part I here The lock was old. The handle was the kind wrought of iron by a local blacksmith, making it at least a hundred years old, Stacy guessed. Tampering with an antique felt wrong somehow and after looking around she strained on tip toes to see through the dust caked window. The desk she could […]

Part I here Alice felt like a love-struck teen as she scampered up to the twins and cursed the feeling. They may have rescued her, but they had kidnapped her too. She had a right to know their intentions. How dare they make her feel this way? “Hold up,” she panted and came to a stop. […]

Keeping it Real


I followed a link about Trump that led to a wildly ignorant rant about Europe being socialist and Brexit and I decided to back out. But there was this side thread about marital arguments (following on from a side thread about Brexit et al dividing families). On this vanilla forum this woman just casually puts […]



A late one this week – I am up to my eyes. Not a lot to report, the Daily Star (UK) had story on couples spanking but I couldn’t get the web page to load and I can’t post paper (yet). I also stumbled on a thread about older women using spanking to mentor younger […]

Vintage Sunday


LSF have just released The Sinclair Method as an E-Book. Set in the 1950s, it is the story of five women and mentoring method that will improve them all. Alice Bowman is in her late twenties and a former US WAVE. Feeling lost in civilian life after WWII she is reeducated and retrained as a […]