Keeping it Real


real of7m8kbdgc1v98enro2_500real ofjt35EWyu1v98enro1_500real otkreal spanking-selfie-1I followed a link about Trump that led to a wildly ignorant rant about Europe being socialist and Brexit and I decided to back out. But there was this side thread about marital arguments (following on from a side thread about Brexit et al dividing families).

On this vanilla forum this woman just casually puts out “When my husband spanks me it tends to clear the air. I mean it does hurt, but it is supposed to right? What I do hate is when my husband laughs at my arse because it is all red, especially when he makes me stand in the corner.”

The replies were along the lines of “YOUR HUSBAND SPANKS YOU!!!”

And one that ignored that and asked if he really made her stand in the corner afterwards.

The defensive wife replied, “Yeah well I don’t cry, not really, it doesn’t hurt THAT much and is better than when he grounds me.”

You can imagine the response. If I can find it again I will post any updates, but mostly it was a sea of crap.

I just thought this snippet would go with the section of unrelated reality snaps above. I may have posted some of them before, but hey ho.

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