12507185741162407049bdsmlr-51540-QUMK79CSvGbdsmlr-56724-KvjOSZMGVObdsmlr-109095-P7wqveVew2bdsmlr-115639-QowPOX7X9KOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAzooey_coffee1A late one this week – I am up to my eyes.

Not a lot to report, the Daily Star (UK) had story on couples spanking but I couldn’t get the web page to load and I can’t post paper (yet). I also stumbled on a thread about older women using spanking to mentor younger women (in the example 20-something) and about how in some cases this can slip into a sexual affair. Sorry lost the thread but will return to this if I can find it.

It is worth keeping an eye on Pandora and supporting her anti-censorship drive. There was (is?) a meeting in London, but online the phrase ‘next Monday’ is too vague for event info – I think we missed it.

Vanilla Spanking had an article on spoilt heiresses in the movies.

Above there are a selection of pictures from BDSMLR and two from Devlin. Also AAA.

2 Responses to “Community”

  1. The first picture shows that girls just want to have fun. Can you imagine men doing this? No, thankfully no

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