The Sinclair Method


Sinclair methodsinclair_200LSF have just released The Sinclair Method as an E-Book.

Set in the 1950s, it is the story of five women and mentoring method that will improve them all. Alice Bowman is in her late twenties and a former US WAVE. Feeling lost in civilian life after WWII she is reeducated and retrained as a governess mentor schooled in the Sinclair Method.

Her four charges, two of them under court order have to be tamed and trained by thorough and traditional methods. A over the knee spanking is not the least of those to be employed.

Publishers blurs has it:

It’s the 1950s and Katherine, Mary, Jenny and Janet have something in common – they are all subject to a special kind of discipline, regularly inflicted on their bare bottoms by Alice, a strict mentor/governess and proponent of the Sinclair Method. Two of Alice’s charges have signed up to the disciplinary programme voluntarily, but the other two have been referred as delinquents, attending as an alternative to a court appearance. Alice escorts her girls to a large house in Seattle where she provides a disciplined structure to their lives, which inevitably results in some very sore bottoms. This novella charts the progress of the girls as they are put through their paces, enduring private and humiliating public spankings by hand, strap, paddle, birch and cane… for such measures are essential in helping to reform wayward young ladies. A thoroughly spanked bare bottom and an hour or more standing in the corner, bare bottom on display, is a hugely beneficial part of their training…

You can get it here.

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  1. Sounds absolutely delightful!

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