c aysel_selfie1c fhc otk-spankingc spanked over photocopierc ww_baby_partyc DIGITAL CAMERAThe BDSMLR project is growing fast. To my taste so far there is a little too much emphasis on the hard core BDSM and graphic sex, but that is to be expected and as the content grows we can hope for a greater range of content along the bell-curve.

You can check out my humble contribution at the Annex.

In other news Kia Cera at Acknowledging Imperfection is back from a long hiatus and so is All Things Spanking.

On the other hand Chross, once a giant on the scene hasn’t obviously updated in a while. His last post is a review of the Professor Marston and the Wonder Women, which features a sorority spanking and a lot of BDSM cosplay 1940s style. Nothing graphic; it is not a spanking movie. But it is a movie that we saw recently and is very good.

Incidentally so is the Favourite, about Queen Ann and her menage a trois with Rachel Weiss and Emma Stone. A dark and funny movie about the royal court at the time of Marlborough. There is a birching scene, but the rod is applied to Emma Stone’s back. The atmosphere of her compliant submission as a humiliated noble lady working as a scullion will appeal to some, but this is not what the film is about.

The birching is toned down and in reality would have been applied to her bare bottom, probably while she was being horsed. However, I think the impact of such a scene would have detracted from an excellent movie and might have overshadowed it unfairly.

Ronnie has a new list of spanking sites and other pictures above are from: FHS, AAA, and Devlin O’Neil.

2 Responses to “Community”

  1. 1 Greg

    Bdsmlr is garbage. At least the spanking community is garbage. The spanking community on Tumblr had been stagnant for years. All they did was keep reposting the same 100 pics every 3 weeks. Pics that for the most part have been going around the web for 15 plus years.

    It just amazes and irritates me that everyone would do the hard work of moving over to bdsmlr…… only to keep posting the same old shit! I may never log into either site again. I never see a pic on either that I havent seen a million times.

    • 2 DJ

      Thanks Greg for your comment – you are right – but it is early days.

      However, if you want original images then there are some great and creative producers – people who are actually into what they do and are not just churning out flage. See the list of Professionals in links on the right for some of them.

      BDSMLR is what it is – at least it doesn’t have a rolling internal crisis about what it will publish (if it remains true to its aims and escapes external scrutiny anyway). My interests for one are quite tame compared to a lot of the output but not as tame as the more restrained output here.

      So the advantage for me (and I am just an observer here – I don’t have time for any new great projects at the moment) is that I have less self-censorship issues if I so chose. So do others.

      In my exploration I have found some text based sites an idea I considered for Tumblr back in the day, but I always got closed down before I could explore that – as must have been others.

      Pictures and porn are not the opportunity here (they are just always going to shout louder) it is what else may emerge.

      If you (or anyone) wants to make BDSMLR better then make your own blog and source your own content – write some.

      It would be great to see some more women. I have sub-Dom M/F bent that is off the scale sometimes (when it comes to Libido) – but marriage has taught me I am a feminist – (who knew?) and sometimes I get depressed by all the ‘slut’ ‘whore’ imagery – I prefer a bit of romance and innocence.

      Sorry if I sound like a lecturer – as I have said I am not a shareholder of or champion for BDSMLR or anyone else. But maybe we don’t need to shoot the messenger or the medium. Just use it to say what you want.

      Thanks again Greg – that really got me thinking. 🙂

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