c aysel_selfie1c fhc otk-spankingc spanked over photocopierc ww_baby_partyc DIGITAL CAMERAThe BDSMLR project is growing fast. To my taste so far there is a little too much emphasis on the hard core BDSM and graphic sex, but that is to be expected and as the content grows we can hope for a greater range of content along the bell-curve.

You can check out my humble contribution at the Annex.

In other news Kia Cera at Acknowledging Imperfection is back from a long hiatus and so is All Things Spanking.

On the other hand Chross, once a giant on the scene hasn’t obviously updated in a while. His last post is a review of the Professor Marston and the Wonder Women, which features a sorority spanking and a lot of BDSM cosplay 1940s style. Nothing graphic; it is not a spanking movie. But it is a movie that we saw recently and is very good.

Incidentally so is the Favourite, about Queen Ann and her menage a trois with Rachel Weiss and Emma Stone. A dark and funny movie about the royal court at the time of Marlborough. There is a birching scene, but the rod is applied to Emma Stone’s back. The atmosphere of her compliant submission as a humiliated noble lady working as a scullion will appeal to some, but this is not what the film is about.

The birching is toned down and in reality would have been applied to her bare bottom, probably while she was being horsed. However, I think the impact of such a scene would have detracted from an excellent movie and might have overshadowed it unfairly.

Ronnie has a new list of spanking sites and other pictures above are from: FHS, AAA, and Devlin O’Neil.

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