It is turning colder


firewoodCame across several exchanges where women were asking why a spanking hurts more on a cold bottom. There were many suggestions that a spanking, well-known to hurt more on a wet bottom, only did so because it made the bottom colder.

This was disputed hotly.

Jan writing of her experience in the 1970s said: “My Dad used to soak his slipper in a bucket while I dropped my knickers and bent over the arm of the armchair. Even in summer this hurt! Painful and embarrassing to be crying and yelling your head off; all this while I was doing my nursing training and living at home.”

Several spanked wives chipped in with the fact that a spanking straight from the shower definitely hurt more.

Barbara agreed that the cold-bottom scenario was to be avoided. She wrote: “I got bratty with hubby while we were out jogging. It was so cold when we got back; a good spanking on a cold bare bottom was sharper than usual. I would have welcomed a hot shower.”

The moral of the story is keep warm this winter.

4 Responses to “It is turning colder”

  1. 1 Natasha Knight

    LOL. Cute. Happy 2019 😊



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  2. 2 naturallygin

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  3. LOL….I definitely concur! A spanking definitely hurts more on a wet or cold bottom! I got a good spanking in the snow one time…hurt like the devil!

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