com _nohjubiuV11tk6crdo1_500com _pj77mu616m1tw3dolo1_500com charro-spanking-800com lazy_veronica1com 735306336_780x439com hqdefaultcom snows-first-spankingChristmas is on its way and I more than half expected a flurry of Christmas posts and pictures. It seems, not so much, not so far. Even Tumblr hasn’t really gone for it, but then several blogs there have all but ceased publication in view of the promised imminent closure there.

I have included a Spanking Toons cartoon that reflects this.

Pandora Blake has been writing about the privacy issues around age verification in the UK on erotic sites. Exactly how this will work (or more likely fail to work) is unclear, but ultimately it will do nothing to stop porn on the Internet. It will just make professional UK outlets harder to operate and give an edge to US and other ‘foreign’ producers.

Over the last week I dipped into the Krampus Comedy: Hot Bottom. I was going to write a review but I never got to the end. There are no subtitles on my version and I have no idea what was going on. There are two screen shots above.

Krampus is a mythical Christmas figure who punishes naughty girls in much the same way Father Christmas used to before he got sanitised.

I will return to this figure again this week.

Over the coming season no doubt you will be watching old movies, maybe like the one featured on the Spanking Blog last week.

Other images are from AAA, and Dallas.

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