The Blushing Bride


blushing bride
There seems to be a custom in some parts of the world for spankings around weddings. I have disparate sources from Alabama, Kentucky, the Czech Republic and Westmorland (England) that have (or invented) spanking traditions. Maybe you have some stories or have seen some?

The first tradition is where the bride is spanked by her new husband (presumably symbolically) either at the reception or immediate after the service. This is reflected in several contemporary ‘fun’ shots by the photographer at English weddings. You might have seen some doing the rounds, bride bending while coyly nibbling her fingers. Sometimes the skirts are lifted for a raised hand. There are a lot of cheeky bridesmaid pictures doing the rounds.

The second is more exotic where the bride is spanked by one parent or other shortly before (or sometimes at) the wedding. There are a lot of historic sources for this in Slavic countries and also Wales and Lancaster of all places. I have a picture somewhere of a young girl, seemingly reluctantly dressed in jeans and t-shirt, but incongruously with a bridal veil, across a much older woman’s knee getting a spanking while others look on.

Finally there is a growing tradition of brides and often the maid of honour being hazed at hen or bachelorette parties. In the US this seems to be linked with sororities as we will see from the short anecdote below.

This involves spanking the bride with a paddle, often on the bare bottom. From pictures I have seen often the bride is smiling but with a very red bottom. Often these girls play for keeps, as the saying goes.

Kathy from Westmorland contributed to a bridal forum:

“Jane (presumably the chief bridesmaid) and I were more or less pressured into doing a naked streak down the street on my Hen Do (bachelorette pub crawl). We were all pretty drunk, I have to say. But once we got back to the carpark next to the pub they wouldn’t give us our clothes back. Jane was handcuffed to a lamp post while I had to take turns going across some of the girls’ laps for a spanking. It was a bit of a laugh although it did hurt and it was so embarrassing. They promised to let Jane go if I was a good girl and took my smacks, but what they didn’t say was that afterwards I would get handcuffed and she would get spanked. They left me and her naked in the carpark and our clothes with the handcuff keys on top of a van where Jane couldn’t reach them. It was freezing, but funny watching a naked and red-bummed Jane jumping up and down. It was probably only five minutes before some of them came back to release us.”

Jo and former sorority girl ‘got paddled good.’ She and some of her former sorority sisters were partying by the pool at one of their house to celebrate her pending marriage. It was agreed that for old time’s sake they would each take some swats. ’ She wrote:

“It was all a bit of a set-up because although most of the girls did take swats, it was just from the last girl. When my turn came I had to strip off much more and then everyone wanted a turn on my butt. Where most of the girls kept their panties on I had mine removed. Six swats-a-piece on the bare butt; I got paddled real good. Real tears, real red bottom, real sisters.”

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  1. Already fallen foul of the new Tumblr censorship, this was flagged as containing adult material lol

  2. 2 Tony

    The sorority part of course got my attention. I would love to hear more about that. Courtney and I are friends on Facebook. She is married and has a child but we still stay in you on FB like millions of other people. I will ask her about the sorority sister wedding paddle thing. I know she did have a bridal shower.

  3. 3 Tony

    Courtney got back to me on Facebook. Nothing to report about spanking at her bridal shower. Nothing like that happened.

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