The Real Prussian Girls


Prussian Girls01Prussian Girls02Prussian Girls03Prussia was the largest country in what is now Germany, occupying the north of that territory with its capital in Berlin. I will spare you the history, but by reputation Prussian society was austere, militaristic and disciplinarian in outlook.

This attitude extended to the raising of women, particularly in the Junker (gentry) class who were expected to live by high standards and toe the line until they could be found an equally severe husband.

In truth the Prussian attitude could be found further East into Russia and most of the Czech countries where wife-spanking was practically a daily art form.

There is also little evidence that Prussian society was any less disciplinarian than their German cousins in Bavaria or other German states, but it is Prussia that gave its name to an attitude to discipline that prevailed in Europe from before the 17th century and right into the 20th.

The PN Dedeaux novel The Prussian Girls (as illustrated below by Hans Braun) cemented this reputation among spankos of course and for any that have read it you will know that this sexualised exploration often wanders into the extreme.

Prussian Girls Han BraunPrussian Girls Han Braun2

The Prussian Girls is about a girl’s school of the type featured in such German films as the 1931 Madchen in Uniform and other less well known films from that era.

Of course the true Junker maiden would not have gone to school and would have been under the iron hand of a governess or tutor.

No doubt situations varied from household to household but interesting accounts exist.

In 1836 one Prussian household, having exhausted a host of fashionable French governesses for being too soft, employed a Scottish one. The main argument for a British governess was to teach the ever more important English to girls of good breeding, but also it seems many English and especially Scottish educationalists were not so corporal punishment adverse.

So it was Elisabeth Campbell arrived at a large estate just outside Konigsberg to take up her post as tutor-governess and was surprised that the youngest of her charges was almost 17 and her sisters 19 and 20; conventionally too old for a governess in Britain.

By her account she was not above applying ‘a stout slipper to a girl’s naked behind’ and ‘should it be needful, denuding a girl entirely for a prolonged application of the (birch) rod.’ Nor was she opposed to giving a ‘fine old spanking’ to a girl of 20 or more, “Great giddy girls being more commonly apt to indulge in mischief and defiance,” as she explained.

What did surprise her was that a whole room was set aside for these corrections and in it she found ‘all manner of sticks, whips and straps for both the restraint and application to bare posteriors.’

Furthermore she was surprised by the strictness of the rules. At first she confesses, ‘one might think some restrictions petty in the extreme and certainly worthy of a sanction no more serious than a good scolding.’ But soon she seems to ‘go native’ and warm to her tasks.

Exact details are scant, but spanking seems to have been routine and a trip to ‘that room’ not at all uncommon.

Native Prussian governesses of the period seem to have even less scruple in ‘flogging a young woman senseless’ or ‘striping their tails until they could scarce sit for their meal times.’

To give one a true flavour one said, “A whipping that draws tears is essential, one that draws blood is sometimes necessary.”

These governesses would have come from good families themselves and would have suffered the same treatment so long as they lived at home.

A 1920s Berlin libertine said as a young girl her father would lay lines of welts across her bare bottom until she ‘sang.’ “No doubt he would do it now if he could see me,” she added with a wink.

2 Responses to “The Real Prussian Girls”

  1. 1 Tony

    I was stationed in Grafenwore Germany in 1968 and 1969 in the Army. Back then German parents did not hide the fact that they disciplined their children even teenagers with a thing that looked like a carpet beater. That’s what I thought they were for when I saw them hanging for sale in the market. They were mostly sold to be used for spanking. I asked a German girl who spoke very good English about it and she said oh yes it’s for a slacking. I may have spelled that wrong, it’s German for spanking. She rubbed her butt to make sure I understood what she meant. I should have bought one to bring back to the states.

  2. 2 Svetlana

    Very interesting. There seems to have been a sort of mutual admiration between Prussia and Britain that was in some way related to both countries’ self-image as an underestimated underdog, blessed with character traits of tenacity and discipline that allowed them to win against the odds. I wonder whether Prussian governesses were used in England at some point, or whether they were considered too extreme.

    The Dedeaux novel made an impression on me a long while ago. Its secondary focus on sex and bizarre uniforms somewhat spoiled it for me, but the general atmosphere of a school where strict discipline was both feared and celebrated by everyone involved had a strange appeal. Prussian militarism was used as a backdrop, resulting in one memorable scene where the girls gossiped about the imprisonment of the Crown Prince (later King Frederick II) by his father, then discussed international affairs and agreed that Austrians, English, French, Russians etc. needed to be taught a lesson as if they were talking about the hockey world cup.

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