Another week and another hike in visitors, it is almost as if I never went away. Thank you everyone for your continued support.

I have haven’t forgotten the Prussian material, some here soon, although I use Prussian is the loosest sense here, looking at it some of it might be Bavarian from the same era.

Coming up this Friday we have Love Our Lurker’s Day, championed by Hermione, so head over to find out more.

Also new to the community are several new blogs and sites listed over at Bonnie’s.

Some great contributions from Firm Hand Spanking, found via Cutiepie, including a classic last chance to see Niiki Flynn, who retired again while we were on sabbatical, strapped with Amelia Jane Rutherford.

Yet more Amelia action from Dallas, also pictured above. Also, some old vintage shots from Devlin and Stan and old drawing found on the Spanking Blog.

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