Not having a lot of time lately I am still doing things in haste. Not a good idea when you are communicating with people you don’t know. Even allowing for often absurdly insecure cadre of individuals drawn to this world, email is not a good medium and unless you write a very well-crafted approach or response it is so easy to offend.

So as it is I might have offended a few people lately, for which I am sorry. I am sorry too to the three or four people I owe emails to, but prefer to reply when I genuinely have time.

I have been cleaning up and refreshing the links on the right, some being dead or absurdly out of date and few new ones have been added.

There isn’t a lot to report in written content, click on a link for newer info on this. But the pictures above are just a quick cross-section from around this week and some link credits below. One picture above is in somewhat bad taste, but I had to do a double take when I saw it. Credit goes to the Spanking Blog for this find, you will probably know the one I mean.

There is a bit of a sorority theme going on this week, Richard Windsor’s paddle gang being not least. As he pointed out the girl not holding a paddle is holding her behind. Also another from the Spanking Blog, which features some stills from the 1980 exploitation movie Coed Fever.

I also include the last of the Halloween pictures, including one from Spanking Art 3D and Spanking Toons.

Others include Devlin O’Neil, Chicago Spanking Review and Asa Jones.

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