The Sinclair Method (part 21)


sinclair21Our story began here.

The packages had come in the morning post, one each addressed to Katherine and Mary.

Katherine read and reread the letter. She was a Sinclair Governess. There were other documents and a handbook, but she would look at that later. She knew that she would have to go to the mother house and meet Mrs Baxter and while there she would be under strict rules. But she would receive further training and supervise in-house students as a prelude to… she took a deep breath, it didn’t matter. She may never follow that path; she now had the confidence to face the world.

Mary was sitting properly for the first time in days and like the girl of old smiled dreamily as she read her own letter.

“It is odd isn’t it?” she said as she finally put the letter down.

Katherine made a quizzical face and waited for her friend to explain.

“We won’t be spanked again,” Mary tried the words out in her mouth and wondered if she liked the idea.

“Well not here I suppose, but… well we will always subject to discipline, certainly at the mother house we will be.” Katherine reminded her.

Mary weighed this up and then with a clatter and from a very great height the penny dropped. “Do you think Miss Eden… Alice I mean, do you think that she is still spanked?”

Katherine shrugged. She certainly ought to be, she thought. “About that…” she said with a sigh.

“You’re thinking about the smoking thing aren’t you? I don’t see what the fuss is about, not really. Alice is not our responsibility,” Mary didn’t want to think about it.

“No, you are right, in one way I suppose, but she hasn’t really talked to us for days and I think…” Katherine took a deep breath. “I think she needs a spanking to clear the air. I think that is what she was trying to tell us.”

Mary gaped. “I couldn’t, I just couldn’t,” she gasped.

“Oh I think I could,” Katherine said as she dug deep for some steel.


Katherine found Alice in the bay window seat reading a book.

“Katherine, are you pleased?”

“Yes of course,” the younger woman said. There was a hard uncomfortable pause.

“But you have something on your mind?” Alice closed the book and put it down.

Katherine nodded sadly and took a deep breath. “I am not sure where to begin,” she said.

Alice nodded. Her throat tightened and she shifted uncomfortably as if she knew what was coming.

“Tell me, what would you do if you caught a girl doing something unladylike and against the rules. Something like smoking perhaps?” Katherine asked.

“Is this a new girl finding her feet?” Alice replied. She sat up straight now and adopted a neutral expression.

“No,” Katherine said tersely.

“Would this be a first offence?” Alice swallowed hard.

“I doubt it,” Katherine said pointedly.

“So do I,” Alice agreed.

There was another long pause but it was Alice who broke eye contact first.

“I would make an example of her,” Alice said and looked up to meet Katherine’s gaze.

“Specifically?” Katherine growled.

“You tell me you’re the governess in this situation,” Alice countered.

Was this a test, Katherine thought and weighed up her options?

“You have a stout long-handled hairbrush,” Katherine said. It wasn’t a question. “Bring it to the kitchen.”

Alice frowned, “The kitchen…? Eh…I mean… yes miss.” She tried not to laugh and bit her lip somewhat nervously. None of this felt real and for the most part she dispassionately viewed Katherine and the situation as if this were a training exercise. Nonetheless her tummy was assailed by energetic butterflies that she had not felt since her last talk with Mrs Baxter.


By the time Alice returned to the kitchen with the large hairbrush a very determined looking Katherine and a rather miserable Mary were waiting for her. The older governess’s gaze was immediately drawn to the cane that had been laid on the kitchen table and she almost scolded Katherine for taking from her room. Just in time she bit her tongue and gulped down her apprehension. She hated being on the wrong end of the cane, she absolutely loathed it.

“I think you know why we are here,” Katherine said, sounding every bit like authority itself.

Alice all but gulped and managed a nod.

“Do you accept my authority today?” Katherine asked.

Alice drew in a deep breath, conscious now that she was blushing and Mary was watching her every move. “For this day and until the sun rises tomorrow,” she said, not really knowing why she had been so expansive.

“I am sorry I saw you smoking, really I am,” Katherine sounded like herself again, “I would have preferred…” she floundered.

Alice sighed and said, “The blame is mine, the error is mine… I failed you, not the other way around. I failed both of you… I… I’m sorry.”

“Very well,” Katherine found some steel again. “Remove your skirt and slip; in fact strip right down to your blouse, brassiere and stockings.”

Alice’s face was a mask but she took a deep breath and ignoring her blushes did as she was told.

“The panties too,” Katherine told the older woman once she had removed her skirt and stood in her stockinged feet.

Alice licked her lips and felt small tears prick at her eyes. “Okay then,” she muttered as she stooped to tug at her silk underwear and drew them over her thighs.

As she bent Mary and Katherine saw the older woman’s bare bottom for the first time and it was hard not to admire their governess’s film star figure. The impromptu mooning was all too brief as Alice quickly stepped from her panties and stood up to smooth the hem of her blouse down over exposed upper thighs and the dark triangle of hair between. Even then the lower curves of her bottom peeked from under the cotton hem.

“I fully intend to spank you and spank you soundly, right here in the kitchen where Mary can watch, and anyone else for that matter,” Katherine informed Alice, “But before that you will go stand in the corner with both hands neatly on top of your head and think about that.”

Alice started and made to protest. Of course Katherine was right but that didn’t make it any easier.

“Yes ma’am,” she whispered and mentally braced herself.

Then turning to face the corner opposite the kitchen door that led to the garden she walked as casually to it until her nose could be pressed into the seam where the two walls met. Then with cold deliberation she raised her arms and placed them elegantly on her head.

This last action lifted the hem of her blouse and once again fully exposed her bare bottom in all its vulnerability.

Behind her back Katherine relaxed and gaped at the scene:, she had done it. She turned in amazement to Mary who now far from miserable looked impressed. She was beginning to enjoy this too.

“Now stay there,” Katherine threw out, trying to sound stern again.

“Yes Ma’am,” Alice answered navy-style.


Katherine had been sitting at the kitchen table for almost an hour. The pages of the magazine turned before her eyes, but not one word had she read. All that while Alice had stood unmoving while light goose bumps peppered her thighs and her smooth white bottom tasted the morning air.

Every now and then Mary had fussed with something or other but most of her attention had been upon Alice’s bare bottom so starkly exposed in the corner.

Finally Katherine got to her feet and took up the hairbrush. She was nervous.

“I hope you have contemplated your sins Miss Eden,” she said,

“Yes ma’am,” Alice whispered; humility stung her eyes.

Behind her Katherine dragged a kitchen chair with a scrape across the floor and sat down. “Come here now,” she said to Alice, who startled suddenly.

The governess lowered her arms and then peeled herself from the corner. This was real then, she thought.

“Over my knee,” Katherine ordered and patted her lap.

Alice swallowed and then with reluctant steps crossed the room. There was some awkwardness as she stumbled across Katherine’s lap and the sensation of a woman’s thighs to hers was unfamiliar. So too was the touch of air on her bottom as her behind thrust up as two exposed domes.

“Ready?” Katherine asked as she patted the older woman’s bare bottom with the flat side of the brush..

“Yes ma’am,” Alice breathed.

There was a pause as the younger girl contemplated the bare bottom in her lap and then she struck with a firm satisfying thwack.

Alice gasped.

As ever the impact was more surprise than pain, like a red flower, the sting needed time to grow. Katherine gave it now time and swept the second spank down in a wide sweep that caught Alice on the under curves of her bottom. This time she felt it more keenly.

“I want this to last,” Katherine told Alice, “This is going to be a very long hard spanking.” She struck twice more.

The tight white curves of Alice’s bottom reddened up nicely and quickly too. Bright strawberry ovals quickly dominated the blonde’s tender curves and in quick order a dozen spanks had landed. By this time Alice was beginning to breathe heavily as if indulging in exercise.

“Are you feeling it Miss?” Katherine said with relish.

“Yessss,” Alice hissed.

“Good,” the younger woman shot back and added a short volley that made her sorry charge buck.

“Oh my,” Mary whispered.

“Should I go easy on her?” Katherine asked her friend.

A dumbstruck Mary could only shake her head.

Katherine grinned and picked up the pace, landing two dozen spanks in half as many seconds; each delivered with a full sweep of her arm. The noise of these impacts was terrific, but in short order Alice cried out loud enough to be heard over the thwack of wood on skin.

“So red,” Mary murmured.

“Oh yes,” Katherine agreed and warmed to her task. Then to Alice she snarled, “Will I catch you smoking again, will I? Will I?” With each word she spanked and hard.

“N-no, no,” Alice wailed, her cries now tinged with tears.

“Good girl, good…” she spanked extra hard, “girl.”

Between heavy breathing Alice sniffed and willed herself to retain some dignity.

“I’m sorry,” she wailed, “I won’t smoke again, I won’t…”

“Liar,” Katherine responded angrily and redoubled her efforts. “You’re an addict, all we ask is for some discretion, some self-control.”

The accusation struck home and Alice began to cry.

“Tears already,” Katherine teased, “And we have so far to go.”

Mary glanced at the kitchen clock. The spanking had been underway for almost 10 minutes now and she had a hunch it wasn’t going to end anytime soon.

To be continued

4 Responses to “The Sinclair Method (part 21)”

  1. 1 Tony

    My favorite story. The Sinclair girls spank long and hard. Is there a chance that in one part they could use a paddle, something like a sorority type paddle? I’m thinking there could be an official Sinclair punishment paddle. Just a thought. Thanks for this great story.

  2. 3 Drew

    Its a nice story or training and edification. It’s great bit of editing as well, right to the point no trivial descriptions of daily routine. I followed your link back to the beginning, the images that go with each chapter are perfectly stimulating, and have read up to chapter 13. But the links don’t continue! I am eager to read and learn more. How do I continue on to chapter 21? And chapter 21 has the most provocative image of all! Thank you for sharing your work and this delightful news letter. I am eager to read the wolf series as well.

    • 4 DJ

      Thanks Drew

      I’ll check the links – but meanwhile you can do a search on The Sinclair Method at the bottom of the main page and navigate from there.

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