Informing Fantasy


Real News pic PA Sount Americareal B-Tmblr_Texas_college_informalHere are two (allegedly real) pictures of corporal justice. Not sure of the details of either. Both apparently depict informal sanctions from two very different communities. The first is supposed to be a news pic from a South American press agency where a young women is apparently hoping that she will be able to forgo prosecution if she takes the stick. No idea if she was punished or not.

The second is apparently (harder to swallow this one) a community college tutor metering out some justice to a student. Posted to Facebook in good faith and said to be from the noughties. It may just be a mislabelled birthday spanking picture.

Given that these are real people possibly neither is a suitable subject for prurient schadenfreude, but looked at honestly both fuel many fantasy that have graced fiction here and elsewhere.

Knowing me I may have previously published them at sometime in the last nine years, and with a completely different caption, but that does negate the point.

5 Responses to “Informing Fantasy”

  1. 1 ffaiirrm

    The first is from Cajamarca in Peru where vigilantes called rondas urbanas deal with “crimes” including theft and assault, but also sex outside of heterosexual monogamous marriage (in many cases with a clear power imbalance such as older teachers and young students, they punish both), most often with beatings with pizzles.

    The second can be found on at least one spanking site.
    [minor edit]

  2. 2 Ramus

    The first picture looks as if it is from a Ronderos. A community court in Peru (I think). Usually, a parent can bring their out of control teenager to the court that will pronounce punishment to be administered by the parent. This is genuine and there some video clips on the internet.

  3. 3 DJ

    Thanks gentlemen for the informed additional information. 🙂

  4. 4 ffaiirrm

    I understand the reason for your “minor edit”, but the site I was thinking of wasn’t a spanking site, but one catering for a wider range of interests, and there are some people who put photos on such sites but not on spanking-specific sites.

    However, I’ve remembered where I first saw it; it’s from from the video “Amy’s Interview and First Spanking”.

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