0C Chicago witch_switches_witch_by_wolfie0C cutiepie punished brats0C ErisMartinet10C Stan BT spankhurtI had hoped to publish a more fulsome Community post, but my connection is running like cold treacle and I just had a work call that means that my morning has just evapourated.

Thanks to Eris Martinet who made contact about this very page last week. She has a great FemDom site, which although has some F/M focus there are some good F/F scenes you may want to check out, including the multi-part Anthea and Melissa, pictured above.

Also Pandora has had a bit of success with her anti-censorship campaign.

Other featured items a very good scene from Punished Brats, as covered by Cutiepie. Chicago Spanking Review has some Halloween cartoons, others include Devlin O’Neil, Dallas (his below) and a feature by Stan on BlissTonic.

0C Dallas 1950s-household-spanking

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