Disciplinary Tales 8



! 1dt08_200LSF has just published the next book in this series. The details of this collection as per the publishers blurb below.

Tails from the Riverbank: When pretty divorcee, Helen, and her eighteen-year-old daughter, Emma, go on a boating holiday, they encounter a man living in his boat as he carries out repairs. ‘Doc’ is friendly and good looking, and the two women get along well with him… until Emma repeatedly misbehaves. Doc carries out his threat and gives her her first ever spanking – on her bare bottom. And a little later, it’s Helen’s turn… followed by great sex. So Doc has a different way of doing things, but Helen reckons his discipline is exactly what she and Emma need.

Naughty Clare: Clare admits to scratching the paint on Jackson’s car, but unfortunately she fails to tell the whole truth. However, a phone call from the owner of the car she reversed in to reveals the extent of Clare’s carelessness.

Taking One’s Due: Divorcee Paula has a spanking fantasy, and when she discovers the famous socialite Paul Sparrow appears to share the same kink, she makes it her business to meet him at an event. To her dismay he is monopolised by an attractive brunette called Kimberley, who begs him to spank her. But things take an interesting turn when Paul includes Paula in the conversation. One thing leads to another, with both women boasting that they can take 100 strokes of the cane. A wager is made, and two very sore bottoms ensue… but which woman has won the wager…?

In the Red Corner: A naughty girl is spanked on her bare bottom with a hairbrush, and to make matters worse, she is put into the corner and made to stand with her freshly spanked bottom on display. But visitors are expected! She hopes they won’t turn up… but they do.

The Last of the Troll Hunters: Aerin the elf maid and Lady Jane, a human girl, share the same aspirations and the same type of punishments for their plentiful mistakes. They are both obsessed with troll hunting and are determined to prove themselves by hunting one down. As Jane bathes naked in a forest pool, a troll appears unexpectedly and she shoots it with an arrow. But the troll appears to be a friendly giant who grabs her and carries her off – only to spank her bare bottom for shooting at him. Later, Aerin receives similar treatment; a deal is struck and there is a parting of the ways, with Aerin remaining to serve Bran, the troll, and Jane going back to the forest to be with the elves for a year. Both girls have another thing in common – a sore bottom.

The Girl: When Samantha goes to Aunt Mary’s house, she follows a strange girl upstairs and along a corridor, and listens behind the door as the girl enters a room. To Samantha’s surprise, she can hear the sound of bare flesh being spanked. Unable to curb her curiosity, she opens the door and steps into the room to find the girl bare bottomed over the man’s lap. What happens next is even more surprising: the red-bottomed girl is sent to the corner while Samantha is spanked for being a peeping tom!

You can get it here.

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