Art for Art’s Sake


1art eastern european1art laundry1art US marital1art3 victoria1art4 french

I was hoping for a longer and more expansive exploration of spanking art styles both over time and place. Here is a taster for a future date of varying styles from diverse cultures, including the US, France, Czech Republic and possibly Britain.


2 Responses to “Art for Art’s Sake”

  1. 1 Robert Davidoff

    I’ve seen that depiction [third one down] of a “woman” over the knee of a father figure, getting a bare bottom spanking, with a mother figure showing a degree of distress, there, but unable to “help” or mitigated the punishment.
    It is often used in association with stories of “adult children” who through circumstance, have to live at home. And, for whatever reason, are still subject to the rules they were raised with (regardless of the fact that *the homebound or returnee* now considers herself “an adult”).
    This young lady, probably “forgot” she had a curfew; and also probably “forgot” “to whom she was speaking” when she gave a “snotty” response, when asked and questioned about the hour of her return.
    One thing is for sure, she will have a “foundation” with which to review future actions of this variety, when “rule bending” comes into question. And definitely knows now, that she Not to big [to her chagrin and ignominy] to have her panties lowered, put across a knee, and spanked until sitting down becomes a logistical problem.

    • 2 DJ

      Thanks Robert

      yes I think it was from an old GOFSS or something similar

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