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Hi all. This is the third week in a row we have run this feature. Maybe it is the way to go.

It all seems very quite to me across the blogosphere, but the professionals have been busy. I have included two cuts from Firm Hand Spanking this week, both from the same scene with Amelia Jane Rutherford if you want to check it out and one from Dallas.

1c dallas spanking-annabelle-lee

Pandora has explained the new censorship legislation on her blog and include her in action above from a still taken from AAA.

1 c bloomers-white-3

Devlin has a nice still as does the Spanking Blog and it is great top see that Hermione, Bonnie and Ronnie Soul are still going strong. The latter had this nice blast from the past featuring the Roger Moore as the Saint. There is also a nice little image from Spanking Toons.

1 c Simon Templar1

1 c _spanking toons

Real Spankings and Cutiepie seem to have both been down for a while.

More next week.

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