A Little Light Chaos


Chaos in campIt has been a few days since the last post, my apologies for that. Castle Black has been in chaos after some work complications collided with a fire alarm related power outage and the PC/Internet set-up imploded. Due in part to me forgetting to shut the damn machine and modem down before shutting off the mains to repair and reset the fire alarms.

This has also affected my ability to email, which is why I haven’t replied to some of you. Sorry again.

There are many projects ongoing – if only I could find time. Series left hanging since our sabbatical include Ad Astra and the Sinclair Method; sorry about that. Thanks for your inquiries.

The publisher is absolutely screaming for the latter. (Well OK they just made a polite inquiry – their fourth I think). This will resume soon as will selected episodes of Abraham Heights.

Ad Astra will have to wait until our current series: In the Service of the Wolf and the aforementioned Sinclair Method are completed as they are at least planned out and are much shorter.

I know there are several other projects like Raw, which I would like to return to and many projects that started and did not go anywhere. That is the nature of this blog I am afraid, it is always a work in progress. But as the girl said, hey-ho, one day I will make this my day job. And pigs will fly…

One Response to “A Little Light Chaos”

  1. 1 boy

    Let’s hope the household and technology challenges abate quickly.  So glad you are back!  Can’t wait to read more/purchase more of your works, including Abraham Heights and the Sinclair Method.

    I love the descriptions of corner time, and the physical discipline.  If you might work in a reference or two to the offender writing lines, or copying page after page from the dictionary, I would be thrilled.  The punishment of tedium is so effective.  I was just re-reading one of your works in which the offender is on the front lawn with a pair of manicure scissors.  This is brilliant! 

    I met a girl from Australia once with the surname Brickhill.  I inquired.  She said at one time convicts were taken to a massive pile of bricks and made to carry — and neatly stack — all the bricks to the other side of the yard.  And then carry them all back.  Day after day, week after week. Heavenly to think about even now.

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