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1 This sporting lifeA few years ago it was reported that an entire women’s soccer team were spanked by their (female) coach following a bet that they would not lose. Nor it seems are they alone in the sporting world.

The spanking here may be seen as a bit of fun but famously according  to her autobiography, Romanian gymnast Corina Ungureanu spanked by her coach Octavian Belu.

She said “I received many spankings from Mr Belu, but I believe competitive sports require a Spartan education. His spankings helped me a lot. It was like an impulse to snap out of my tired and exhausted state.”

Daniela Silivas though, another Romanian gymnast from the 1980’s agreed that the “correction” spankings she received from various coaches from that time were no big deal.

“Spanking was very much part of the Romanian methodology,” she explained.

Was she and other gymnasts spanked on the bare bottom?

Ms Ungureanu is reporting as saying, “So what?”

Ms Silivas was more evasive, but did say, “It was whatever was appropriate to my failings and the situation.”

Another unnamed colleague said “spanking is a great leveller sometimes. I mean you have young woman getting all this attention and it can go to their heads. Maybe a good spanking on the bare bottom reminds them that it is all about the sport.”

Trawling some of the vanilla and not-so-vanilla forums threw up some interesting stories. While most of these cannot be verified and may seem incredible here are two brief snippets.

“Yeowch, spanking, not always that much fun, but what can you do? I was spanked by my tennis coach. Big hands leave big red marks on my bottom, but not all bad. I later married him.” Kelly J said in a comment on Women Matters.

Davina T writing at Spanking Life asked about spanking by sports coaches. She may have had a fantasy in this area, but claims she was spanked by a fitness coach in college.

Evidentially she agreed to it in advance if she didn’t meet certain targets, assuming it would never happen.

“Boy did it hurt. I was as shocked as hell when he spanked my bare bottom and I was kind of wierded out by it. But later it was all I could think about. I guess my spanking fetish kind of grew from there,” she said in a comment.

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