In the Service of the Wolf: Part XV


wolf15Part I here

“Get off me,” Alice gasped suddenly pushing John away.

“Wh-what?” John was still reeling from the kiss and now she was mad at him again.

“I didn’t mean to… I mean,” Alice downcast her eyes and scanned the carpet for salvation. What was she doing?

“You’re right,” John said thickly and looked skyward to silently curse the ceiling.

Alice knew she had been as much to blame for the kiss as he was, but then her anger went in a new direction… “Why did you let him trick me?” she suddenly raged.

“I…” Why had he? John could not think of a reason now.

Alice lunged at him, impotently slapping at him until he flinched and took a step back.

“I know you’re mad at me, I’m mad at me, but… he promised he wouldn’t… I mean you knew it was him didn’t you?” John felt he might cry and the feeling shocked him.

Alice froze with her arms still raised and her hands balled into a fist. She looked down again. “Yes,” she whispered.

“Then this has nothing to do with me does it?” his sigh was close to a sob.

“You bastard, this has everything to do with you,” she spat and began punching him again repeating, “Bastard.”

“Will you stop?” he snarled.

“No, make me,” she spat and slugged at him again.

John grunted and held his arm. “Hey, that hurt, if you don’t stop…”

“You’ll what?” Alice sneered. She had no idea what she as doing now; she was all emotion and raw need.

“I will spank you,” he said still fending her off.

“You wouldn’t dare,” she said scornfully.

He gave her a look and she paused in her assault.

“You wouldn’t…” she said again with less certainty.

John pursed his lips and regarded her carefully. Then without a word he began rolling up his sleeve.

“If you think…” Alice began.

John sighed and finished rolling up his right sleeve. “I am beyond thinking, my head hurts. I have never met a woman like you before. Why are you so damn complicated?” he said.

Alice glared at him defiantly wishing the anger would go, the confusion even, she wanted the complications he spoke of out of her life.

John snorted derisively and then without the least strain he seized Alice by the arm and turned her about. She was still mouthing protests when he sat down on her bed and dragged her across his lap. Somewhere in the manoeuver her towel fell to the floor leaving her naked and exposed belly-down over his knee.

The sight of her was stomach-tightening and his cock stirred in his trousers. It did not escape his notice that Alice had been very soundly spanked. The stark dark red markings spoke of an epic punishment so either Adam had been totally pissed at her or they were both crazy, John decided.

“J-John don’t you dare, John…” Alice spluttered.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” he muttered, “Listen up you little brat I have had just about enough of this. I am going to spank you until you think Adams’s efforts were love pats. Hey, maybe you’ll even enjoy it.”

“John no, I…” she began.

John spanked her hard and she yelped. The follow up slap was harder and then he let rip.

“Yeesh,” Alice squealed, her eyes starting in her head.

Ignoring her John allowed his arm to become a blur so that in less than a minute he must have spanked her near on a 100 times. Alice could only buck and squirm under the onslaught and she was panting like a wolf way too hard to give voice to protests. The first John even knew she was in distress was when she suddenly started crying.

He stopped the spanking and scratched his head. He never wanted to spank anyone more in his life, but seriously, this was more Adam’s line. “You asked for this,” he told her.

“I know,” she sobbed.

“I never wanted this,” he sighed.

“No, but I guess I needed it,” she sniffed, “I probably deserve this spanking more than the one Adam gave me.” She managed a smile.

“I meant everything before that,” John groaned.

“I know, but with you Stone brothers I guess it all comes with the package.” Alice was still rolling with the burn and wondered if she would ever sit down again.

“I guess it does,” John laughed mirthlessly and gave her bottom a squeeze so that she squealed. “Now I guess I had better get this done.”

Alice’s eyes flew open in surprise. She thought they were done.

“John please, I know I deserve it, but can’t I at least take a rain check?” Alice wailed.

“I guess not, as my step mom Augusta always says, ‘when a spanking is due, a spanking is due and no sense putting it off.’” John chuckled. “I don’t suppose you’re going to sit down for a week.”

“Try a month you bastard,” she snapped and then gave out a bug-eyed yell as he spanked her.

“I don’t think we can really get this spanking started until we address this little attitude problem of yours,” he said and resumed the volley spanking.

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry,” she wailed.

“No you’re not, sorry is what you are going to be,” he growled.

“John please, this is crazy, I…” Alice struggled to take a breath, John was spanking her far harder than Adam, or so it felt, maybe it was because she was still tender down there. She grunted and tried to buck free, John held her fast as he spanked on.

Before Pulver spanking was not her world, just something to joke about or maybe check out in a porno; not that she ever had. Now she was taking it good and although every fibre of modern woman in her screamed abuse and injustice all she could think about was that John spanked harder than Adam. Nor had it missed her attention that while one end bawled like a teenaged brat the other wept in perverse approval.

“I am sorry, I’m sorry,” she sobbed, thrilling at the surrender, more so knowing her pleas were in vain. John had decided she was going to get spanked and there was nothing she could do about it.

“Is this what you want?” John growled, “See I can be Adam every bit as well as he can be me.”

John spanked down hard letting his fingers act like little whips feeling her flesh yield and burn as she squirmed across his lap. Alice gave up all resistance and let her self just cry. Never had she been so aware of her bottom; two spheres of heat that met where it really counted until she at once wanted it to stop and prayed that it didn’t. The minutes and the spanks came without number and she totally surrendered to it all.

Then the spanking stopped and she flopped across his lap for a good cry. Indeed until that moment she didn’t know that crying could be so good.

John for his part felt vented and was enjoying the weight of her across his lap and the pressure of his erection in his trousers.

He was not the only one, Alice felt it too and just then she was like a cat on heat. Hauling herself up she squirmed around and threw her arms around him, ignoring the burn of her bare bottom on his trousers as her mouth found his.

“What about Adam?” he panted.

“What about him? You have as much claim as he does,” she rasped, kissing him hard, “More,” she lied. Was it a lie? Just then she didn’t know and didn’t care.

John pulled her close and kissed her back hard. “I don’t have…” she gasped.

“You too,” she rolled her eyes. “I don’t fucking care,” she snarled.

John was so shocked at this he almost stopped to spank her again, but Alice fell to her knees before him and began clawing at his zipper kissing him where he was hardest.

“You don’t have to…” he panted, shocked by her brazenness.

“Maybe,” she said eagerly, “But your brother is partial to the back door and as much as I would like to oblige, that premises is sadly closed for repairs, she quipped.”

John was reeling and wonder if he was about to be swallowed whole by some city slicker man eater. Then he was.


“Now I am confused,” John drawled, his hands finding her body and pulling her close. “Am I cheating on Adam or did he cheat on me?” He gave her a lopsided grin.

They lay in her bed together both sated now. Despite the sore throbbing ache of her bottom Alice felt like purring. She could still feel the effects of him at both ends and not only from the spanking. Sex had never been so good. Not unless she counted Adam and the good girl in her wanted to believe that they were literally the same coin. The bad girl grinned inwardly: I had twins.

“You’re confused,” she snorted, “I am seeing double.” She poked her tongue out at him.

“You want another spanking?” he teased.

“Probably,” she sighed happily, “But if you spank me again anytime soon I may never sit down again.”

“If that’s what it takes to keep you here,” he said.

“You don’t have to use force,” she chided him, frowning now, trying hard to be mad.

“No I meant… you won’t be able to sit down to drive your car…” his jokes rarely found their mark with girls, and was it even a joke? His mind was fogged with sex.

“My car?” she was only half listening and wondered what he was talking about.

John wanted to babble about how she could stay at the ranch and then he remembered. Adam was not the only complication. Pack politics forbade outside relationships beyond a little weekend fun.

“Do you think Adam will be mad?” Alice asked him seriously as if reading his thoughts.

John shrugged. “You tell me. I thought he didn’t like you, but now maybe…” he shrugged again.

“Who knows?” Alice wondered if she should feel like a slut, but couldn’t wrestle up the enthusiasm for it. Then there was whatever Stacy thought was happening. In her heart she knew it was true, but the facts were like an unread letter left for another day. It was a puzzle she had only glimpsed but had yet to put together.

“You know those supplies will be loaded by now…” he drew his mouth into a line, “I had better be going.”

“Will I see you again?” Alice felt like an abandoned teen.

“Unless Adam kills me, then you can count on it,” he grinned.

“And Adam? What if he wants…?” Alice how no idea how she felt about that or what her feelings were.

John sighed and rubbed at his nose. He didn’t want to think about that. “That’s for you to decide I guess.” It was true and he hated it. He was on his feet now and dressed without showering.

Alice watched him and felt a little sad.

“I will be back, I’ll find away,” he said reassuringly, more for his own benefit than hers, “A supply run probably.”

“Oh goody and maybe we can try condoms next time instead of just spanking me,” she teased.

“Oh we don’t need condoms for what I have in mind,” he grinned.

“Oh so you are going to spank me,” she smiled back.

“Maybe, but I was thinking about the back door,” he winked and she threw a pillow at him. “See I was listening.”

Alice blushed furiously. Sometimes men didn’t know what is said in the moment should stay in the moment.

To be continued

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