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Not sure if this is going to be a regular feature but that is the hope. On Monday’s there used to be a Weekly Round-up of the best blog posts but so many blogs have gone or have failed to update that it is hard to sustain that for now. Also it is hard to know if all bloggers have the rights to pictures they publish and this blog along with others is getting more careful about that.

For our purposes I include the commercial blogs as part of the community and so we might foster connections there and perhaps in time point some of you at the best professional sites.

For now above is a selection of old reliable’s from the ever posting Devlin O’Neil to Asa Jones at the Spanking Emporium. As ever Vanilla Spanking is worth a look if you want mainstream movie or pop culture, Spanking Toons likes to put its heroines in her place and of course for the eclectic you can always rely on the Spanking Blog. Also I am pleased to see Ronnie Soul is still going strong.

I have also included images from industry champion the Spanking Blogg and AAA Spanking.

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