Legends from the Land of Black


! Russell CornerSince the relaunch I have had a few inquiries as to whether readers may have missed any stories written while the blog was down. Also Mark and Melanie D asked if I have written anywhere but this blog.

The answer is that while most things I have ever written are available here, some shorts and a couple of novels are not. That is because they never have been or have since been taken down due to publishing commitments.

There are four significant stories (novels really) that are only available for purchase: The Russell Corner, which is the only book to have been printed and was my first novel; The Exit Bureau (a novella) a recent work that has only been available from LSF Publications or Amazon for download; Magic, which is the longest novel I have written and was originally published here but is now too only available for purchase; and The Academy, also originally published here, a dystopian sci-fi about a college for adult young women.

There have also been a few additional episodes of Abraham Heights, season three is predominately only available for purchase. Although selected episodes of Abraham Heights will continue to appear here in future the complete story will only be available if you buy the book.

The main reason for this is that certain story lines can be more readily explored in this format than here.

For those that are interest I include more information below. I hope that answers the many and varied questions. There may be one or two shorts, but I don’t remember which ones just now, sorry.

The Russell Corner

russell_400This is a story about Richard Russell and his secretary’s obsession with the Russell Corner; a space in his office where he puts naughty girls after he has spanked them. Our tale also concerns the original wicked stepmother, Catherine Raven, a high-flying property developer who is on a mission to train stepdaughter Eleanor as her successor using the same strict methods that her late-husband and his aunts used to train her. Desperate to impress, Eleanor hatches an unscrupulous plot that could undermine Catherine and brings them both into conflict with Richard Russell. Meanwhile Margaret Spencer, the head of an exclusive finishing school for young ladies, has her own methods for keeping her students in line. Along the way a Janet Russell, Richard’s wife, and various female employees get what they secretly crave and sometimes more than they bargained for. Lots of M/F and F/F erotic discipline, corner time, caning, birching and spanking.

The Exit Bureau

exitbureau_200Imagine a world many years in the future, a world which has moved on significantly from ‘Old Earth’ – yet Colonial law still relies on Old Earth corporal punishment. Caitlin is a senior figure at The Exit Bureau, a place where women employees are regularly spanked for minor infractions. Caitlin regards herself above being spanked, but her arrogance does not go unnoticed, and she pays the price. And what a price. It begins with her negligence in paying her tax arrears and traffic violation fines; she is far too busy running her department to bother attending to such minor tasks. But her attitude soon changes when she is called to attend a judicial hearing at the Correction Centre and is subsequently sentenced to ten days of corporal punishment. Now the nightmare really begins. She is stripped and spanked and displayed in a pillory in public. She is subject to a harsh regime of paddling and caning and does not know how she will get through it – particularly as she has been set up – but by who and why? Time enough to ponder that later; her immediate concern is to endure the endlessly strict regime of corporal correction and public humiliation. Not an easy task…


magic cover

So begins Katrin’s new life of wonder and exploration. Ensconced in the ladies college known as the Dovecote, she is apprenticed to Dr Arlon Fear, the young mage who is to be her tutor and master for the next few years… though over time he becomes so much more. Katrin takes up her duties and she and her new friends adjust to the rigorous regime of study and discipline. Spankings are a regular occurrence, and the punishments meted out are often severe: hand, belt, paddle, cane, birch, and more are used to tame deserving female bottoms. Yet through it all, Katrin develops her abilities and the bond strengthens between her and her stern and powerful master, Arlon Fear.

And in this world of arcane magic and mystery, perhaps it is love that saves the day…

The Academy

The AcademyFounded after ‘The Fall’ when the world was changed forever and women outnumber men three to one, the Academy is a place of training for young women between 19 and 25. In this school, teachers are punished as well as the students! Having escaped prison, five new girls are sent to The Academy as an alternative. All are nervous and horrified by the idea of corporal punishment. Kate is particularly brash and insolent, and quite determined that no-one will lay a hand on her, let alone a cane or a paddle. But deep down, she is as scared as the rest. It is not long before the girls plus new arrivals experience the disciplinary regime of The Academy. But who are The Sacred Sisters of Revenge? And is Callie all she appears to be? Deceptions and punishments abound in this erotic tale of adult discipline.

Abraham Heights

abraham123_200Welcome to Abraham Heights, a town well off the beaten track with an old-fashioned set of family values. Most of the action centres around the university although know resident is left untouched by the communities unusual ideas about discipline.

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